Couple Cosplays Labyrinth To Perfection

Russian husband-and-wife team Molza and Dexter cosplayed as Labyrinth’s Sarah and Jareth respectively the other day, and the results were just fantastic.

All photos by Kira.


    Nothing like celebrating a movie about a grown man kidnapping a baby to try and force a 15 yo girl to marry him.

      Jareth is not the protagonist; Sarah is.

      It's a movie about a young woman putting aside childish things, undoing her mistakes and triumphing over a man who used her childishness against her.

        It's also a film about the experiences of growing up, the loss of innocence, sexual awakening and puberty.

    He forgot about the bulge

      Not everyone packs what Bowie was packing...

      (What bulge?)
      The bulge with the power
      What power?
      The power of voodoo
      (What do?)
      Bulge do
      (Do what?)
      Remind me of the bulge

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