Death Stranding Has Been Rated MA15+

death stranding ma15 australiaImage: Death Stranding

Given all the ups and downs with the classification system lately, and Kojima's history for covering weird shit in video games, it's nice to know that we won't have any issues getting Death Stranding in Australia.

The Classification Board has manually reviewed an application from Sony for Kojima's upcoming ... singleplayer adventure? Solo-but-sort-of-connected adventure? Either way, it's getting through Australia's virtual border protection just fine. The game was rated MA15+ this week by the Board, with strong impact on themes and violence, moderate impact for language, and bugger all impact for nudity and sex.

In case you're wondering what "impact" means and how it's defined, there's a full breakdown of how the classification system works in Australia below.

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Now, fingers crossed Cyberpunk 2077 gets through just fine.

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    Perversely, this very well may be one of those cases where adults DO need to be protected from disturbing content.

      There had to be a point in reviewing this game they either figured out what the story/gameplay is about to reach a conclusion... or they didnt get past the walking sim to see the real crazy stuff.

    Lets hope the ratings board aren't taking the piss out of us & change their minds later! :-p
    Speaking of weird classification issues Alex, aussies on the EU ps blog found out an indie Vambrace:Cold Soul was unavailable on the AU psn, (out in rest of EU),whilst the local Xbox store has it rated M & available to buy!

      I was looking at that one on the switch. (Gotta wait for more reviews/let's plays, I think.)

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