Destiny 2 Players Are Having Fun Punching Raid Bosses To Death

Destiny 2 Players Are Having Fun Punching Raid Bosses To Death
Gif: Gladd, <a href="">YouTube</a>

Destiny 2’s raid boss fights are supposed to be brutal, drawn-out affairs. They take a while to complete even for stronger players. Over the weekend, though, Destiny players discovered a character build that can be used to kill any raid boss with just a few punches.

The build is by Gladd, who we’ve reported on before for doing wild things like killing raid bosses without using guns.

He shared the build in a recent video on YouTube that shows him and his crew taking on some of Destiny 2‘s biggest raid bosses without breaking a sweat. Only hunters can pull the feat off because it’s crafted around access to the Liar’s Handshake exotic gauntlets, which only that class can equip.

The item’s ability lets players unleash a powerful counterpunch after being hit, but picking up an item after that ability has been triggered will glitch it and keep it active for every melee attack.

But that still wouldn’t be enough to KO bosses like the Metal Gear-inspired Insurrection Prime, Kell’s Scourge from the Black Armory raid. The build also requires a shotgun with the “One-Two Punch” perk, which boosts melee damage after it’s fired, the Striking Hand armour mod, the Way of the Warrior Combination Blow equipped and the Tractor Cannon, whose Repulsor Force makes enemies more vulnerable to incoming damage.

While this would make any guardian hit like a tank, Gladd’s build also benefits from the current Solstice of Heroes event. Right now, enemies drop elemental orbs, and when players pick up enough of them, they get special buffs for a limited time, including bonus speed and melee damage for Arc subclasses. It was all of these things combined that allowed Gladd to deal 999,999 to Insurrection Prime with one punch, demolishing it in no time.

“These are some of the fastest (if not the fastest) kills you’ll ever see in the game, thanks to the Solstice Arc buffs,” Gladd wrote on the game’s subreddit. That also means that once the Solstice is done, the build will be, too. The next few weeks is as good a time as any to go raid boss hunting.


  • Not that Ethan will read this as it’s a US article, but there are two major faults here.

    1: This was not discovered over the weekend, the build has been known for months.

    2: it’s not Gladd’s build, he is simply one of the streamers using it recently.

    Further to point one, not only was this build not discovered over the weekend, the extra buff provided by Solstice week was used on the first Arc day (prior to the weekend) with a bunch of solo Riven kills been performed by many.

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