Devilman And Hellboy Crossover Art Is Literally A Match Made In Hell

Akira and Hellboy face off against a deadly foe. (Image: Go Nagai, Dynamic Planning)

Only Satan could give the world the Go Nagai/Mike Mignola artswap we all clearly needed.

The two beloved artists teamed up this week to celebrate the upcoming release of the Hellboy movie in Japan, according to Anime News Network. Nagai’s licensing house Dynamic Planning created a special piece of art that sees David Harbour’s Hellboy square off against his foe from the film, Nimue the Blood Queen, with a little help from Nagai’s sinful manga icon, Devilman. Nimue has likewise found her own little teamup in the art, paired with Devilman’s longtime foe, the bird demon Sirène:

There’s...a lotta imagery going on right here. (Image: Go Nagai, Dynamic Planning)

The collaboration poster was accompanied by Nagai sharing his thoughts on the movie, which were unsurprisingly positive — unlike general reaction to the film when it released in the West earlier this year. But it wasn’t just Nagai getting in on the artful action. Mignola also shared a piece in his own iconic style, showing Hellboy and Devilman teaming up with each other:

Mignola’s own take on a Devilman/Hellboy partnership. (Image: Mike Mignola)

It may not be as grandly epic as the Nagai poster, but seeing Devilman rendered in Mignola’s ink-heavy, moody style is a really cool sight to behold. All the chunky inkwork makes for a neat approach to the character and now, god, I suddenly want a new Devilman Crybaby in Mignola’s art style, please and thank you.

Hellboy hits Japanese theatres September 27, while both Nagai and Mignola’s team-up pieces will soon go on display at the Go Nagai Memorial Hall in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture.


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