Duke Nukem 3D Is Back In This Ambitious Mod

Duke Nukem 3D Is Back In This Ambitious Mod

Duke Nukem 3D has not aged well whichever way you look at it, but this mod for Serious Sam does a pretty good job of at least updating the game’s visuals and handling.

It’s a total conversion of Serious Sam Fusion’s (a 2017 compilation) version of Serious Sam 3, which basically remakes (and in parts reimagines) the classic 1996 shooter.

The new/reimagined stuff includes expanded levels, new weapons, and music made just for the mod, along with support for VR.

If you’ve got Fusion, you can download the mod here.


  • Duke Nukem 3D has not aged well whichever way you look at it

    I personally don’t think so, vanilla DOS version yes but it’s the same with vanilla Doom.

    Get a source port like eDuke32 and the game is still fucking fantastic.

  • I too would like to take umbrage with the “hasn’t aged well” quote. Certainly, the original release, but the megaton edition still holds up. Would recommend if you can get your hands on it.

    And look, wowwee! The fans are doing more for Duke Nukem than Gearbox. What a surprise! Can we please get Duke to a company that cares?

    • like Nightdive – I’d love to see Duke3D get the Blood: Fresh Supply treatment – expansion content-inclusive with improved network support and 8 player splitscreen for both co-op and PvP…

      • The nightdive treatment?
        Release a buggy mess and when people ask about patches the official response is ” the team has moved on to ther projects, we may revisit later.

    • I played the Magaton edition just a few years ago, it was my first time playing the game and I had a blast. I was seriously surprised that it was a really solid 8 hour game. The only Duke Nukem games I had played before that were the 2D platformers when I was really young.

  • Wow, that looks cool. I’d like to try it but that means I’ll have to buy… Wait, Serious Sam Fusion is already in my Steam Library? I bought Serious Sam 3 BFE through a Humble Bundle way back in 2013?
    Well, thanks, past me. High five!

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