Every Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plan In Australia

Every Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plan In Australia
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After months of leaks and rumours the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has finally graced us with its official presence.

If you’re excited to get this hefty lad into your grabby hands on a plan, Aussie telcos are here to help.

Here are all of the Note 10, Note+ and Note 10+ 5G plans available in Australia.

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For the first time ever the Note series is offering more than one model. In fact, it has thrown down three.

The entry level Note 10 comes with 256GB storage, 8GB RAM, and Exynos 9825 processor and a 3,500mAH battery. The latter comes with fast-charging and Wireless PowerShare.

It also has a triple rear camera setup with 12MP telephoto, 12MP wide-angle and 16MP ultra-wide lenses.

At the front of the device you’ll find a 10MP selfie cam built into the Infinity-0 display as well as an almost bezel-less design, providing a massive screen-to-body ratio.

The S Pen has also gotten a few upgrades, including handwriting to text conversion and Air Gestures.

The Note 10+ has most of the same features, but with some bigger specs – 12GB RAM to go with the 256GB storage, a 4,300mAH battery and a fourth VGA 3D Depth Vision Camera that is capable of 3D scanning and AR doodling.

As for the 5G model, it’s the same as the Note 10+ but has 512GB storage and a 5G modem.

It’s important to note (not sorry) that you won’t find every model with every telco. While you will find the Note 10+ across the board, the entry-level handset will only be available from Vodafone or Woolworth’s Mobile.

Similarily, you’ll only be able to get the 5G version of the Note 10+ from Telstra or Optus.

Now let’s get down to the plans.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: First Look

The Galaxy Note line is kind of an albatross. The original Galaxy Note was the phone that started the whole big-screen trend, and now nine generations later, it’s still got one of the biggest displays you can get on a phone, along with other unique traits like a built-in stylus, class-leading specs, and a hefty price tag, and a second model that’s smaller than you might expect.

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As an FYI, some telcos do have 12 and 36-month plan options for the Note 10 range. While we don’t have widgets for those, you can click through any of the available ones to see the full list of plans that each provider has.

Also, all of these plans come with Samsung’s pre-order offer.

Anyone who pre-orders one of the new Note 10 devices between 9am AEST on August 8 and 11:59pm AEST August 22 will also get a free pair of Samsung’s newly-announced AKG Wireless Headphones, which have an RRP of $499.

You’ll also find that some telcos have thrown an extra pre-order offer into the mix too…

Telstra Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (256GB) plans

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The cheapest way to get the Note 10+ through Telstra is on the 24-month ‘Small’ plan, which would set you back $120.79 a month for 15GB data.

As per all Telstra plans you will alo get no lock-in contract, no excess data fees and unlimited standard national calls and texts.

If you need more data, consider paying $10 more a month for the ‘Medium’ plan which gets you 60GB a month in total.

Telstra Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G (512GB) plans

Again, the cheapest here is the 24-month ‘Small’ which will cost $142.79 a month. But that probably isn’t enough data for anyone interested in 5G speeds, so you may want to opt for the Medium plan for $152.79 a month if you need a more realistic amount.

These plans come with the same inclusions as the Note+ but with the added ‘Free 5G Network Trial’ which will run until June 30 2020. After that only the ‘Large’ and ‘Extra Large’ plans will get it for free.

Those on ‘Small’ and ‘Medium’ plans will need to pay an extra $15 a month to access modern network infrastructure, or settle for 4G-only instead.

Telstra has quite a good pre-order bonus of its own, as well as the AKG’s.

If you pre-order between 9am AEST on August 8 and 11:59pm AEST August 22 you can get the the Note 10+ 5G for the price of the the regular Note 10+. Even if you’re not overly interested in 5G, getting double the storage for free is excellent.

Optus Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (256GB) plans

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The cheapest plan here come is at $105 a month over 24-months, which $45 for the plan and $60 for the handset repayments.

However, it only comes with 4GB data, so we recommend spending the extra $10 a month to upgrade to 60GB.

Optus Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G (512GB) plans

Sadly we don’t have a shiny widget for the 5G plans, probably because of the delayed release. However, you can still pre-order one now over on the Optus website.

You’ll find that they’re all $10 more expensive a month compared to their regular Note 10+ counterparts. This means that the cheapest is $125 a month across 24-months for 4GB of data. Again, we recommend bumping that up, especially if you’re someone who wants to smash those fast 5G speeds.

Vodafone Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (256GB) plans

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The cheapest of the bunch is the $35 Red Plan, which comes to a total of $97.45 a month for 4GB data across 24-months.

Our recommendation – pay the extra $10 a month to get 30GB data instead. It’s much better value.

Vodafone Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (256GB) plans

Again, coming in cheapest is the $35 Red for $105.79 a month across 24-months for 5GB data. We still recommend you upgrade to get significantly more data for $10 more.

As an FYI a small loyalty discount may apply to select Vodafone Galaxy Note 10+ plans, bringing the cost down by a few bucks per month.

Vodafone is also offering to waive a month of plan fees for any new or upgrading customers who sign up to a Red, Red Cap or Red Plus Plan with a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ during the pre-order time period.

Woolworths Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (256GB) plans

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to get a Note 10 or Note 10+ on a plan, Woolworth’s Mobile is where it’s at.

The cheapest Note 10 plan is $75.50 a month over 24-months for 5GB data. You can double that for an extra $10 a month, but if you really need something heftier you might want to look at the $95.50 a month plan which comes with 40GB data.

For comparison, this plan costs $2 less than Vodafone’s cheapest Note 10 plan but comes with 35GB more data. Plus you get the benefit of the Telstra network. Dayum.

Woolworths Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (256GB) plans

The cheapest Note 10+ plan with Woolies is the $84.50 a month over 24-months for 5GB data. Again, Woolies has the best value Note 10+ plan here with its $104.50 a month plan that serves up 40GB data.

Woolworth’s will also be knocking $180 the total plan prices for customers who sign on for a plan during the pre-order time frame.

Here's Every Note 10 Plan Available Through Woolworths Mobile

It's been a big day for announcements, with Samsung finally unveiling the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ after months of leaks and speculation. It's the big new phone that feels more like a tablet - a chonky phablet, if you will - and it will officially be available with plans from Woolworths Mobile.

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