Fortnite’s Teenage World Champ Swatted Live On Stream

Fortnite’s Teenage World Champ Swatted Live On Stream
Photo: Mike Stobe, Getty

Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, the newly-crowned 16 year-old Fortnite World Cup solo champion, was playing the game in a stream last night when his home was “swatted”.

Because he streaming live on Twitch, Bugha’s game was being recorded, and in the middle of a game we can hear as he’s interrupted by his father telling him that there were armed police at the door.

Bugha quickly leaves, and is gone for around ten minutes. Here’s the video of when he returns, saying “They come in with guns, bro. They literally pulled up, holy shit.”

Swattings are such a menace because, aside from the time and resources being wasted, they can also be incredibly dangerous.

In 2017, a dispute over a Call of Duty game led to a swatting in which a man was killed by police.

Thankfully, this particular situation was quickly defused because one of the officers attending the incident lives in Bugha’s neighbourhood and recognised the teen.


  • Fucking morons that swat people should be charged with attempted murder, at least until they can make a law specifically about it.

  • It shouldn’t take one of the SWAT team recognising the kid to defuse the situation.
    What is it with american cops and rocking up without even a cursory knock on the door to check if it’s legit? Dress up a pair of officers as Mormon missionaries and scope it out.

    • I get you, but their job is to take every threat seriously, cos how do they know if it’s a prank or not. They’ve always gotta rock up being prepared for the worst possible scenario.

    • If you made a similar call in Australia the police tactical forces would turn up in a similar fashion.

      They have to treat every call seriously because what happens if they don’t take one seriously and it is a legitimate threat? You’d get the same types blaming the police and asking why they didn’t treat the call seriously.

      Going up to the door of a house where an armed person is holding someone hostage to check if its legit is the fastest way to get yourself shot or get yourself taken hostage.

    • Because if the cop recognised the teen and it turned out he was in a hostage situation and they didn’t follow procedure then the cop would be super fired.

  • I legitimately believe we need to start charging people with attempted murder or we start really making an example of people by having police storm the swatters house and misfiring.

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