Get Mad, In A Good Way: Aggretsuko Will Return For Season 3

Get Mad, In A Good Way: Aggretsuko Will Return For Season 3
Retsuko is back for round three! (Image: Netflix)

Rock on, fans of red pandas and death metal: Retsuko’s rage-filled journey through life is not over yet. Netflix Japan and Sanrio took to Taipei Comic Exhibition today to confirm that Aggretsuko will return to the streaming service for a third season.

Fanworks studio writer/director (and also singer for Retusko’s metal-screaming singing interludes in the Japanese language version of the show) Rareko took to the stage to confirm the news while also, according to Anime News Network, admitting that he has squeezed all he thought he could out of the show’s first two seasons and had nothing more to say.

And yet, the adventures will continue nonetheless!

That’s an interesting thing for Rareko to say, considering one of the more interesting things about Aggretsuko’s recent second season was how it expanded the show’s character complexity in such a way that some intriguing nuance was being slowly fleshed out among the cast, beyond just Retsuko herself.

The way things left off may have put the titular rage-laden panda in a happier place than she’s been in a while, but it still felt like there was plenty of space to explore Aggretsuko’s cast of belovedly infuriating characters going forward.

We’ll bring you more on Aggretsuko season three as we learn it.


  • Nice to see this is still going, especially after learning those motherfuckers at netflix cancelled Santa Clarita Diet.

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