GO1 Breaks Down In Tears After Defeating SonicFox, Winning Dragon Ball FighterZ At Evo 2019

GO1 Breaks Down In Tears After Defeating SonicFox, Winning Dragon Ball FighterZ At Evo 2019

Dragon Ball FighterZ is in a very different place than it was in 2018, especially when it comes to the Evolution Championship Series. The shine has worn off the game a bit due to various factors, and attendance dropped considerably compared to 2018, relegating the once-beloved game to a Saturday finals placement rather than a spot in the arena on Sunday. But all of that outside noise fell away as soon as the Evo 2019 finalists took their place on stage.

Much of the fighting game community was looking forward to seeing a rematch in the high-profile Dragon Ball FighterZ rivalry between Evo 2018 champion Dominique “SonicFox” McLean and Japanese legend Goichi “GO1” Kishida. Spectators got their wish when both players qualified for the finals without any losses, setting up an eventual winners finals match after SonicFox finished playing with his food in an impressive effort against Japan’s Hirohiro.

Despite the depth of any single Dragon Ball FighterZ bracket, all eyes are, perhaps negligently, glued to what SonicFox and GO1 get up to. It makes sense; in addition to being two of the best players in the world, they’re also polar opposites, with SonicFox focused on smothering offence and GO1 seemingly capable of defending against just about any mixup an opponent throws at him. The crowd at Evo 2019 would be treated to a few more chapters of their story over the course of the finals bracket.

That doesn’t mean the rest of the bracket wasn’t full of killers. Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour champion Ryota “Kazunoko” Inoue made it to the finals in the losers bracket, but was immediately eliminated by Shoji “Fenritti” Sho.

Meanwhile, Joan “Shanks” Namay of Spain carried the entirety of Europe on his shoulders, managing to defeat both Christopher “NYChrisG” Gonzalez and Hirohiro en route to a semi-finals berth. That said, it would be Fenritti that advanced to a losers finals match, but he too fell to SonicFox despite at one point going up 2-1 against the previous champion.

If last year’s Dragon Ball FighterZ championship was like a glorious anime finale, Evo 2019’s grand finals was the rerun you can’t help but watch again. There’s just something special about a SonicFox vs. GO1 match, and they didn’t disappoint when it came to their final match of the tournament.

There was no apparent favourite; the crowd roared just as loud for both players, only interested in seeing the best Dragon Ball FighterZ competitors in the world do what they do best.

In the end, there could only be one champion, and today, GO1 was the better player. With all his championships, Evo is essentially SonicFox’s turf, but GO1 managed to come back from an 0-2 deficit, winning three straight games to finally defeat his eternal rival. The story of Dragon Ball FighterZ revolves around these kinds of matches, and no matter the future of the game, GO1 and SonicFox can hold their heads high knowing they authored some of the most exciting moments.


  • Oh no, if Sonicfox didn’t win, how’s he going to jump up on stage and tell everyone for the 58th time he’s a gay black furry?

    • I love Sonic Fox, he’s super enthusiastic, in the clip above he looks genuinely stoked for GO1 and I love that he’s proud and open about being gay, being black and being a furry.

      He’s a legend, and to see comments like this all the time that sound like my grandparents and their closeted bigotry is so disappointing. That whole “gay people are fine, I have nothing against them, I just wish they wouldn’t rub our faces in it” sort of attitude is pathetic.

        • Oh I have no issues with gay people, just Sonicfox. The dude is obnoxious and annoying.
          “gay people are fine, I have nothing against them, I just wish they wouldn’t rub our faces in it”

          You’ve got to understand why the two sound the same right? Your comment was specifically about how he’s openly “a gay black furry?” Not that he was obnoxious, but rather that his proclaiming his identity is obnoxious.

          Perhaps that’s not how you meant it, but it should be pretty obvious why that was how I read it.

          • I more just meant he doesn’t have to continuously update anyone within earshot of his personal sexual preferences every time he gets. I mean yay for him, love who you want, how you want, that’s everyone’s right, but Sonicfox in particular really seems to want to remind everyone of that fact any chance he gets. I mean, one of my best mates is a black furry, and in the roughly 10 years I’ve known him, I haven’t once noticed him jump up and shout it to everyone nearby, because it’s really not that relevant.

  • Great to see some good losers in the Esports industry – so tired of it being filled with children who cry and complain when they lose (nice one Fntc Rekkless). Awesome display of the spirit of competition by Sonic Fox – gracious even in defeat.

  • Damn that was good, Goichi is hands down my favourite player to watch, it’s bloody mesmerising.

    Good on him!

  • I don’t follow anything esports, only that I see articles like this from time to time, but I have to say that is a very touching level of sportsmanship that SonicFox showed towards GO1. There seems to be so much emphasis on winning these days that people don’t really seem to appreciate anything but first place. The way SonicFox handled that situation … I wish there were more reactions like this in competition. It warmed this cold heart to see it.

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