Leah's scribble yesterday was Digimon World 3, as spotted by Sir Doctor B and Zar first. But Zar also mentioned something that hasn't featured on these pages for a good while, so as a nice bonus today we're bringing it back instead of the scribble.

How it works is pretty simple. Below you'll see a short haiku, a short-form poem using 17 syllables, about a video game. It's your job to guess what the game is, just like ScribbleTaku.

Good luck!


    Is it No Man's Sky?

    No Man's Sky?

    I was going to say No Mans Sky too...probably too obvious, but whatever! :p

    Is it Katamari Damacy?
    Probably not, but that's my guess anyway! :D

    Haitaku. Now that is a name I haven't heard in a long time. They're always so vague though. This could be Starbound, or maybe Age of Wonder: Planetfall.

    It might be Elite Dangerous, but its probably No Mans Sky.

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