Hey Destiny Fans, I Hope You Have Some Space On Your PS4

Hey Destiny Fans, I Hope You Have Some Space On Your PS4

Even with the delay, it’s not that long until Shadowkeep, the next Destiny 2 expansion and the first one to go live on Steam/the Activision departure. But if you haven’t installed Destiny 2 prior to that, then I hope you’ve cleared some space.

Destiny 2 is already on the larger side of life as far as games go, which makes sense: it’s a huge games-as-a-service title, one of the more graphically intensive on consoles particularly with multiple expansions. That’s a lot of content that takes up space on your hard drive.

So the fact that Destiny 2 already needs just shy of 100GB (and slightly under 90GB on PC and Xbox One) isn’t that surprising. There’s the bit where PS4 users need way more storage space than that just to install the game, but again, this isn’t hugely beyond the pale.

Image: Bungie.net

Interestingly, the official Steam page right now says users need a “minimum” 105GB hard drive storage space on PC. But that’s nothing compared to what PS4 users will need after October 1, when Shadowkeep drops:

That’s almost a third of a stock PS4’s hard drive, and just over 15 percent of a PS4 Pro’s stock 1TB drive gone in a single game. I mean, holy shit. That’s a hell of a lot for the install size, and while the full download — particularly anyone on PC who’s only picking up the game when it drops on Steam — won’t be that much … it’s still a hell of a lot.

If you don’t have NBN or decent cable? My condolences.

There’s no word on whether Xbox One and PC users will need a similarly enormous amount of hard-drive space from the off. It’s also unknown if users downloading Shadowkeep for the first time will also have to download content from the free-to-play Destiny 2 version that’s launching around the same time. Bungie usually provide more detail in the weeks leading up to content patches. Fingers crossed there’s some compression wizardry they can squeeze in before launch, too.


  • on the topic of storage, what do people use on PC? my 2TB 7200 RPM HDD is almost full and that’s on top of a 120GB SSD

    been looking on and off for a 4TB 7200 RPM drive but that seems rare

    • In my PC I have a 1tb SSD (upgraded and cloned from my old 120gb SSD last week), 2x3tb drives, and 1 more 1tb drive. about 600gb left free between them all.
      Also a 1.5tb portable drive thats full.
      Years of cable internet (100mbps) and no qualms with piracy = not good for hard drive space.

      I can recommend keeping an eye out for a good deal on a 3 or 4tb drive. i got one of my 3TB ones for $90 and have seen 4tb ones down to like $120.

      • besides your SSD, are they all 7200 RPM drives? curious if there would be a noticeable difference with games running on a 5400 RPM vs 7200 RPM

        that’s my main concern and why I’m fixated on finding a decent 7200 RPM drive lol

        • Wasn’t sure so tried to find the hardware IDs and google them. Seems 1 of the 3tb and the 1tb are 7200rpm and the other 3tb is 5400rpm.
          I have games installed across all 3 and havent noticed any particular difference. There is probably a slight difference in load time for some games, but i think for the most part it wont matter.
          Maybe some game like GTAV or No mans sky or something where its constantly loading in a big world and lots of things? that might be a time where there is a more noticeable difference (though even then i think thats more on the CPU.
          If you can go for a 7200rpm its not a bad idea though just to be sure.

      • Bit of a tongue-in-cheek/easy-target of me.

        Ironically I have FTTN 100/40 on NBN with average peak speeds of 80-90MB/s.

      • When I moved into my current place I was supposed to wait 3 months and be on NBN, its now been over 2 years and still stuck on ADSL2+ 🙁

    • I just got HFC NBN moving from plain cable. No issues yet and still average like 90mbps+ at peak time, but now my upload is 36mbps average instead of 1.2. So overall im happy.

      But im assuming you were at least somewhat joking, and i did get a laugh.

      Though i used to consistently be able to get 103mbps and now i cant go past 95.5 no matter the time of day. So having lost 7.5mbps i must also declare the NBN a failure

  • its because on ps4, when downloading updates, it downloads the new game in a separate location, then wipes the old one. on xbox/pc the date is simply over written.

    another example of how the ps4 is a terribly designed console.

    • That’s a pretty sound approach in the event that something goes wrong partway through the update, though.

  • What I would like to know, as there is no real answer out there for this that I can find, is if it is possible to simply copy (or direct Steam to) the Blizz install of this game so that we don’t have to re download it? Admittingly it wouldn’t take long, but why download it again when I have it already

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