The Hotline Miami Collection Has Been Pulled From The eShop

The Hotline Miami Collection Has Been Pulled From The eShop

Hotline Miami 1 and 2 went on sale on the Nintendo eShop as a package deal early Tuesday morning, even though the Switch bundle had already received a Refused Classification through the automated classification process. As predicted, the game wasn’t available locally for long.

Vooks, long time friends of the site, have reported late this evening that the Hotline Miami Collection — a bundle with both the Hotline Miami games — has been pulled from the Australian eShop.

Kotaku Australia can confirm the game has been pulled, but you can still purchase it on a Switch in Australia by creating a Nintendo account in a different region (like the United States or somewhere in Europe). If you don’t know how to do that, you can find out how in our tips below. It’s a good idea to create multiple Nintendo accounts in different regions anyway, or at least a secondary one in Japan (because they get games that Australia doesn’t get).

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  • You don’t need a new account. Login to your nintendo account on their website. Set your region anywhere its for sale. Buy it then swap back. I have done this for several games and they will play fine and even get updates when required. Same thing a lot of smash bros players did as we got it earlier than NA

    • How do you do this? I’ve been trying to figure out for a while. I go to the Nintendo website and can view it, but there’s no way to purchase.

  • I haven’t had a chance to log into my switch yet, how does Nintendo handle having purchased the game when this happens?

    • Nothing will change, although if you archive it, your probably cannot get it again, it being banned and all. A bit shitty, but they are bound by the law there.

      It’s dead easy to change regions though, I will probably pick it up as soon as it hits a sale somewhere else and I have some spare moolah.

  • Region swap question – can I just use my credit card in another region?

    If there is an update, do I need to switch back to the other region to get it, or will the game update normally?

    • Not sure if it’s true on the Switch, but the PSN store requires a credit card have a Japanese or US address before it can be attached to the account.

      You can work around this by buying digital store credit for those regions from your favourite online retailer.

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