How Long The New Switch Lasts With Breath Of The Wild

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Nintendo has always used Breath of the Wild as a base measure for how much battery life you should expect from the Switch. So how does the refreshed Switch stack up?

The MeeMeGame Channel on YouTube have been fortunate enough to get their hands on a refreshed Switch, playing Breath of the Wild at half brightness with Flight Mode enabled and sound almost all the way up.

Using a time lapse recording and playing the entire way through, the new Switch lasted just over 5 hours and 36 minutes before the console forcibly shut down. That's more than double what I usually got on my Switch with Breath of the Wild, which is a pretty solid improvement given that the refreshed Switch has the same battery as the original model (it's just the SOC and NAND memory that have been updated with more energy efficient versions).

That's pretty decent. And it's also exactly bang on with what Nintendo said the new Switch (which has the XKW prefix on the serial number, if you're interested) would do. So extra props for being on point with the advertising.


    @alexwalker been using the new switch model for a little over a week now, battery life is just significantly better. Holding charge like a champ playing Mario Kart 8, splatoon 2, zelda, etc... Not sure if something else has changed in the manufacturing process but the joycon rails feel significantly more solid... glad i upgraded to it..

      Where'd you get it from?

        bit of social engineering at JB HiFi South Wharf in melbourne... they were obviously avoiding selling them till they cleared their old stock, but after working out they had received their shipments, i insisted that arrangements had been made for me to grab one of those models due to some issues i had with the old model....

        to be fair i was heading interstate, that weekend and just wanted to grab one before i left... couldnt justify buying an old version with the new one around the corner.... plus its not like nintendo pt any restrictionsor launch dates on the new model... its just a new sku, and stores are planning to sell it once they run out of old stock anyway.

        to add i believe an internal memo has gone around their stores advising them not to advertise it, but to sell it upon request. They will not price match current deals however as all the deals are specific to the old sku

    Hoping to pick up the V2 switch tomorrow. I see EB have the V2 Switch on their site with two games.

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    Note that comparing the battery life of a brand new v2 Switch to the current battery life of a v1 Switch is not an apples to apples comparison. Rechargeable batteries lose some of their capacity over time, so a new v1 Switch would likely outperform a used v1 Switch too.

    The new version undoubtedly has better battery life, but it may not be double the life for this workload.

      Wtf. Of course you can. It may be diminished now but stats were taken originally when it came out. Even then, the battery degredation unless reused and recharged at a mobile phone rate wouldnt be too bad at all.

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