I Need These Skyrim Posters, STAT

All images: Syd Weiler

A standard Skyrim run will feature plenty of potions. But as crucial as that pot of restorative gold might be, no potion has ever gotten the treatment quite like this.

Syd Weiler is an illustrator and animator from West Virginia, USA, and they've taken the humble Skyrim potion as inspiration for a neat poster series.

It's essentially every component that goes into your standard pots - restore magika, stamina, health - split apart and shown in a single, stylised image. Weiler has also given a couple of materials the poster treatment separately, some of which you can see below.

The full The Alchemical Ingredients of Skyrim: Poster Series can be seen here. To see more of Weiler's work, head to their Behance page.

This story originally appeared in June 2018.


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