Kill La Kill Game’s Publisher Has ‘Prohibited’ People From Streaming Its Story Mode

Kill La Kill Game’s Publisher Has ‘Prohibited’ People From Streaming Its Story Mode

Kill la Kill the Game: IF, released earlier this week, is a fighting game with a story. And publishers Arc System Works are so protective of it that they’ve stated “all streams and uploads” of the game’s story mode “are prohibited indefinitely”.

It’s not the first time the publisher of a Japanese video game has tried something like this — Atlus made threats against streamers revealing Persona 5’s plot — and indeed it’s not even the first time Arc System have done it, having previously tried to ban uploads of Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator’s story mode.

On the one hand, you can see their point. They’ve likely got figures guessing how many people don’t buy a game when they can just stream the story for free on YouTube instead, and that figure is high enough to justify attempting a ban like this.

But on the other… it’s a very bad look. YouTube playthroughs of games are as part of the world as the sun and the sky in 2019, and trying to stamp on fans and owners of your product from sharing their experiences maybe isn’t the best PR move.

I’ve asked Arc System Works just how exactly they’re planning on prohibiting these streams and uploads — just in case it’s not the previously-tried nuclear option of going after people’s accounts — and will update if they provide specifics.


  • I mean the people who watched instead of buying were probably not planning to buy it anyway. if anything seeing the start of the story might attract more people. I only got Dark Souls because a saw a playthrough of the early game.

  • It’s one thing to embargo story content for a period of time; Bioware’s done that a few times, if I remember. But ‘indefinitely’? What the heck does that mean other than ‘as long as we feel we can still sell the game at full price’?

  • Watching a streamer/ Youtuber play a game has never put me off wanting to buy it (unless its a really bad game in the first place)

    I’ve purchased heaps of games because a streamer/ Youtuber did a playthrough.

    If a game is good, A streamer/ Youtube playing it will only increase sales.
    If its a shit game however then thats a different case, And is the fault of the game company, Not the person streaming your game.

  • Dear Arc System Works,

    Sorry, fair use is still a thing. You can’t actually dictate such conditions.

    Good luck keeping to those predicted sales figures, you just gave games a reason NOT to buy your games.

    An Actual Gamer.

  • I downloaded this demo of this on Switch due to really liking the anime. After what felt like 50 minutes of opening cinematics, I didn’t want to play it anymore.

    • Ooh, I didn’t know there was a demo. Cheers for that. (Cinematics don’t turn me off as much, so I might find it easier to pick up.)

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