Leaked Video Shows League Of Legends On Mobile

Leaked Video Shows League Of Legends On Mobile

An official League of Legends mobile port has been talked about for so long it almost feels like it would never actually arrive. But, finally, some potential gameplay on phones has appeared.

The footage comes courtesy of a League of Legends mobile Facebook group, with the original shots taken from Chinese media.

Based on the stills and video, a chunk of League classics were playable in the demo, such as Fiora, Annie, Lux, Oriana, Fizz, Jinx, Garen, Miss Fortune, Olaf, Tyrndamere, Vi, Gragas, Ezreal, and more.

Riot hasn't officially said much about League of Legends on mobile, but the most obvious hint is from Riot's head of global esports John Needham. Needham publicly wrote in a "Looking Ahead at the Future of LoL Esports" post that the game would be "more accessible to fans in every corner of the globe".

There's a range of ways Riot can do that, but you know the easiest? Bringing the game to mobile phones, as Tencent has found with Honor of Kings in China. Worlds 2019 runs between October 2 and November 10 this year in Paris -- if there's ever a time to announce the game's mobile launch, it'll be then.

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