Looks Like Ty The Tasmanian Tiger Is Coming To Switch

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Ever wanted to use a JoyCon to throw a boomerang? Well, chances are this time next year, you'll be able to.

Krome Studios on Wednesday announced a crowdfunding campaign to bring the lovable Tasmanian Tiger, Ty, and one of the highest rated games on Steam, to the Switch.

The crowdfunding campaign is largely to fund testing costs needed to get it through Nintendo's certification process, but the Switch release would also ship with a new hardcore game mode. It'll also support the Switch Lite: the gyro controls on boomerangs obviously won't be compatible with that console, but you'll still be able to aim in first-person. You can check out how that plays in a short video I cut together from the PC version when it launched on Steam a couple of years ago.

The campaign is already halfway funded in its first day, so chances are it'll get over the line pretty easily. (It's in the top five trending campaigns for Kickstarter right now, according to Kicktraq.)

The Switch version isn't scheduled for release until March 2020, with around $30 ($US20) the minimum tier required if you want an eShop key, although certain tiers also come with a PC key that'll ship once the Kickstarter campaign ends. (Update: I've been told that the official release will be the first quarter of 2020, but not necessarily March.)

Krome Studios also say they'll further improve the audio and graphics from the HD re-release on Steam, with upscaled art textures, a better camera, particle effects, colour correction, and dynamic shadows if the campaign succeeds. More info can be found here on the official page.


    I was excited till the word "crowdfunded" appeared... Sorry not gonna bother.

      Its already a fully made game though essentially, they are just frontloading costs. As far as kickstarters go, this seems pretty benign.

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