Manga Artist Goes Back And Redoes Old Illustrations

Manga Artist Goes Back And Redoes Old Illustrations
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When a manga first starts, the artist is still usually finding how the characters look. With time, that changes and over the course of the later issues, their appearance evolves. But what if an artist went back and redid those old illustrations? That’s exactly what Soichiro Yamamoto did.

Creator of Teasing Master Takagi-san, Yamamoto went back and redid the characters faces in the debut release to make them look like they do know. Here are Yamamoto’s do-overs:

Fans are loving this remake. If you are not familiar with how the characters used to look, here are comparisons:

Via NewsGamme:

ImageNewsGamme” loading=”lazy” > Gif: NewsGamme

It’s cool that the manga artist did a remake version, but it’s also always fun to see how the manga’s art develops and changes over time. 


  • Sooo… their eyes and hair got bigger?

    Although perhaps they got smaller? The article isn’t much help…

  • This is a pretty great way of showing how his art style has improved over the years. People usually end up comparing incidentally similar poses, but these are direct replacements straight from the artist, showing six years of difference.

    • It’d be nice if the images said which was which. Did they start “cartoony” and become more realistic or vice versa?

      • They became more cartoony. The bigger eyes on the girl and bigger hair on the boy is his current art style.

          • Yeah, I’m mixed. I like a lot of the new style but the redo of the large panel with the sitting girl is sloppy everywhere but the face. The line of her thigh is bad.

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