Mario’s Iconic 1-1 Level Is Way Harder When It’s Vertical

Mario’s Iconic 1-1 Level Is Way Harder When It’s Vertical

Super Mario Maker 2’s many player-created levels can range from intense deathtraps to clever first-person dungeons. There are also a lot of riffs on the very first Mario level ever, World 1-1. It’s a solid template to build on, one of the most iconic levels in all of video games. That’s why even the slightest change can lead to something fantastic. For instance, flipping it on its side creates a platforming death course to rival Getting Over It With Bennet Foddy.

Last night, as I made the mistake of scrolling through Twitter, I saw footage of a playthrough of a vertical version of World 1-1. The level, titled “1-1 Flipped on Its Side!”, was created by the user DannyB and has a course ID of 9M3-SNK-WRF. It’s likely not the first vertical take on 1-1, but it’s the first one I spotted, and it’s a devious little level that will test anyone’s Mario skills. Climbing upwards means either hitting highly specific jump angles or bouncing off of a goomba to reach new heights.

That sounds straightforward, but it’s damn hard. Mario naturally skids and slides, which isn’t a big deal normally but can send you tumbling down half the level or even further than that if you move even slightly wrong. Thankfully, it’s possible to reset the level by heading in and out of a pipe near the start if you, say, stomp a goomba that you needed to use to jump higher and instead landed in the wrong spot.

I’m not a Mario expert by any means, having grown up on a diet of Sonic the Hedgehog games. So far, I’ve only managed to scale up towards the first few pipes before tumbling down to my doom. I don’t feel too bad about that, though, because right now, the level only has 81 clears out of 9,632 attempts. If you are a glutton for punishment or think you’re up to the challenge, check it out. 1-1 is a classic, even when you completely screw with it.

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