Nintendo’s Latest FCC Filing Hints At SNES Games Finally Coming To The Switch

To coincide with the launch of the Nintendo Switch Online service which included a bunch of classic 8-bit games as part of the subscription, Nintendo also released a pair of NES gamepad shaped Joy-Cons to round out the retro experience. So putting two and two together, a recent Nintendo FCC filing for a wireless Super Nintendo controller hints that 16-bit titles might finally be en route for the online service as well.

As first spotted and shared on the Resetera forums, Nintendo recently filed for an FCC product ID for a new wireless Bluetooth gamepad.

Editor’s Note: This is a numbered identifier that allows approved hardware to be sold in the U.S..

Other details for the “Wireless Game Device HAC042″ are non-existent, but Nintendo included an illustration showing where the requisite FCC label will be located, and despite being just a simple line drawing, it’s almost impossible to mistake as anything other than the Super Nintendo’s gamepad.

As memorable retro consoles go, the NES was certainly noteworthy for rekindling the home video game market, but the Super Nintendo was one of Nintendo’s biggest successes, with over 1,000 more games being released for the 16-bit console than its 8-bit predecessor. The all-you-can-eat library of NES titles available with Nintendo Switch Online was certainly one of its bigger selling points, but the introduction of memorable SNES games like Super Mario World would undoubtedly be a big boost for the service.

Just remember you don’t necessarily have to opt for Nintendo’s wireless SNES gamepads if they ever do see the light of day. The NES Joy-Cons sold for around $88 per pair, which is pricey, even with the ability to awkwardly attach to the Switch for convenient recharging.

For $30 you can easily upgrade your original SNES controllers with wireless Bluetooth capabilities using 8Bitdo’s upgrade kits, or go with the company’s own wireless SNES-style gamepads which, for $45, include Bluetooth that works with Android devices and PCs, as well as your Switch.

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