The Beauty Of No Man’s Sky Beyond

The Beauty Of No Man’s Sky Beyond
Image: <a href="">Reddit (u/walnutscorpion)</a>

The teething bugs can’t stop the universe from being a gorgeous place.

We’ve written before about the stunning colours and hues of the Hello Games universe before. But with the game’s expansion over the last three years, as well as the addition of wonderfully purple planets, it’s a perfect time to check back in with the state of No Man’s Sky photography.

People have even discovered planets that apply visual filters on your screen, resulting in the ability to explore spaces like this:

“The lost green” Planet. Easily the most bizarre planet I’ve discovered yet. No Filter btw from r/NoMansSkyTheGame


Some of the usual screenshotting legends feature below, but easily one of the best shots from any game this year — I think I like it even more than that astonishing Sekiro shot bathed in red — is from t-shooter on Reddit, which user WalnutScorpion edited slightly to make even more astonishing.

Blue Hues (mostly) from r/NoMansSkyTheGame

I found a planet made entirely from metal hexagons and covered in gold deposits ! from r/NoMansSkyTheGame

Welcome to Nautilus. from r/NoMansSkyTheGame

Ancient deep sea shark from r/NoMansSkyTheGame

Red oceans, purple grass! from r/NoMansSkyTheGame

Found these cuties on my new home planet from r/NoMansSkyTheGame

sci fi book cover from r/NoMansSkyTheGame

There’s just something about that purple grass that reminds me of one of my favourite Breath of the Wild shots.


  • Colour filters and weird stuff on planets have existed in the game since the Atlas update. They were made much more frequent when the universe was regenerated for Next, but they’re not new to Beyond.

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