No Man's Sky Beyond Is Coming In Two Weeks

Interlopers, rejoice. No Man’s Sky Beyond is coming on August 14.

No Man’s Sky fans have been anticipating the latest in a string of massive free updates, titled Beyond, since it was announced in March. Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray said at the time that the update would be “three major updates rolled into one larger free release”.

Though we know that one of these updates is going to be No Man’s Sky Online, a new approach to multiplayer, and the second is VR support, the third remains a mystery. The enigmatic new trailer is probably not going to answer many questions.

If there’s one thing the No Man’s Sky community is good at, it’s working themselves into a frenzy. Though it’s nice to know when we’ll get our hands on Beyond, it appears that you’ll have to wait a little longer to know what the update will feature.


    Oh yeah, looking forward to this. If there was one game that has made an incredible recovery, it's this one.

      I can't think of any game that has been turned around as comprehensively as this one. The only one I can think of even vaguely similar is Driveclub, but No Man's Sky's recovery is just in a league of its own.

        Only other remotely notable turnarounds I can even think of in more recent years are probably Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor... Both were fairly dead early on.

        That said, I'd probably not put those on the level of this one simply because Ubisoft is a behemoth of a company by comparison.

        I know NMS had the backing of Sony, but the turnaround is really nothing short of mind blowing. If nothing else they should be commended for even bothering to try where many simply wouldn't have.

        i can and its also a space game.. X 3: terran Conflict. Egosoft always sticks with their games

          Wait... That actually got good?

          I played a little of it and it was so bad I never went back... I disliked it so much I'd have suggested the launch version of No Man's Sky over it without hesitation.

            you'r mistaking TC for rebirth, though to be honest Egosoft also worked their butts off on trying to fix rebirth, but its still shit. X4 is going fucking great though

        You know which game? RUST. Rust started off as a dodgy, yet fun as hell shooter that was buggy as a mofo. Then they went and retooled the *entire* game from the dirt up. New engine, new maps, new weapons, new characters, new *everything*. Now, it's a thriving pvp community. It's also incredibly fun (albeit with a toxic community these days by and large) but also a far sight from what it was.

        How about FInal Fantasy XIV?

        Took responsibility, didn't point fingers, completely tore the game down and started again to grow in to a successful game.

          Indeed. Mega-succesful reboot at that. I think the main success NMS has had, is that it's managed to keep all its expansions to this point, free. I think by this point, they'd be justified in releasing a paid piece of DLC (no doubt some part of the community would piss and whine though), given the amount of work they've put into the game now to fix it, upgrade it and deliver a decent product.

        Add Warframe to the list as well. It went from janky or 'meh' at best, to a very solid looter shooter. And did it basically the same way NMS has, from slowly adding and rebuilding the core game they started with.

        Having said that, compared to the vitriol thrown at it at the start, NMS certainly deserves to be the prime example of turning a bad launch around.

    Can a game be GOTY three years running? Let's find out!


      That would require it actually being goty at any point since 2016.

    Will probably get back into it with the new updates.

    Was a Day 1 player & didn't have the same gripes as others about it but lost the drive to keep playing at some point.

      For me, it was the realization that every planet was effectively the same.

      Same clusters of resources, same shapes of plants/minerals, same terrain with different light filters and spiky bits sticky-taped on, same prefab structures/copy-pasted ruins, same annoying token predator monster/plant per planet, same explore/refuel gameplay loop to... nothing.

      The thing was a nihilism amplifier to a depressing degree. Enjoyable when things were novel, disappointing when the smoke and mirrors faded away to reveal the underlying core.

        I didn't mind the sameyness of it but I was in a pretty dark place when it came out, so repetitively grinding was fine by me.

        But when I came out of it, was a bit bored with the repetition & had other games to play.

    Finally VR support, this will get a lot more play from me now, and will be my go to space VR game until Elite Dangerous actually adds PSVR support... if they ever do

    I hope the gaming history books rightly recognise this as one of, or even the, best comebacks of all time.

    I can't wait to play this hopefully next year if I can the money for a new monitor, it (and a crap tonne of other games I haven't played because of this reason) deserves the best.

    Worth noting that this update also brings Vulkan support.

    So anyone with AMD hardware or lower-end hardware, in general, should see performance improvements on PC.

    excellent, however this does probably mean most my mods will not work.. :(

    Playing on Linux atm, vulkan had some issues with nvidia drivers(experimental test patch), see what happens on release.

    PS. Vulkan works on most everything, not just AMD.

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    I predict...

    Beyond Sixteen - The shipsized portal in the screenshot allows a player to move between universes. It will be unlocked at the end of a long quest chain.

    The Traveller locates and repairs an anomalous portal with the help of Nada and Polo, and finally can break free of the Atlas' last "minutes".

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