No Man's Sky Player Builds Combination Lock

Screenshot: No Man’s Sky, Boidgaming

Thanks to the recent Beyond update, No Man’s Sky players are designing all kinds of new things. One player has figured out how to make combination locks.

The Beyond update added new building tools to No Man’s Sky, including power inverters and automatic switches, as well as electrical wiring and batteries for generating power.

One intrepid gamer, YouTuber Boid Gaming, used these new objects to create a functional combination lock. It’s a little finicky to hook up the wires correctly, but the end product opens a door when the correct switches are pulled.

Seeing all the things that players figure out how to do in No Man’s Sky is the best part of a new update. Given that Beyond also makes changes to how multiplayer works — upping the amount of visible players to eight on console and 32 on PC — No Man’s Sky players may actually need locks. I can’t wait to fiddle around with this formula to guard my collection of alien milks.


    There are some great things that can be done with redstone in minecraft. This video gives me hope that the new logic blocks in NMS can be used creatively too.

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