Old Memes Are Better With Fire Emblem Characters

The students in Fire Emblem: Three Houses are my children. They’re yours too, and so I’m sure you’ll agree that everything is better with our gaggle of rainbow-haired anime children in it. Even memes we’ll almost certainly be sick of in two weeks.

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This line of thought has given rise to the #RedrawRiegan hashtag on Twitter, in which artists are redrawing popular memes, scenes from TV shows, and other bits of personality-driven imagery with corresponding characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Golden Deer house. The result, like pretty much everything else involving the new Fire Emblem, has been deeply charming.

(Warning: Some of these memes might indirectly constitute Fire Emblem spoilers. Sorta? If you really think through the implications of, like, two of them? So beware and all that.)


    An hour browsing the hashtag later... I ran out. MAKE MORE, TWITTER PEOPLE.

    First is best just cause it's every you think whilst playing through the game.
    It's very Persona for a FE game. Like that they ripped that off.

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