Ori And The Blind Forest Is Finally Coming To The Switch This Year

Ori And The Blind Forest Is Finally Coming To The Switch This Year

After Cuphead, it was only a matter of time before Ori got the blessing to go portable.

All the other great Metroidvanias of this generation have made their way to the Switch, and as of September 27 internationally, Ori and the Blind Forest will as well. The game was the final announcement during Nintendo’s indie-centric direct for Gamescom this year.

It’s pretty much what you’d expect. The Switch will be the Definitive Edition of the game, with all the DLC released over the last four years. There’s no word on confirming whether the game will run at a flat 60 fps — like Hollow Knight, having that extra fluidity is crucial for surviving the tougher elements, or speedrunning.

But given that the trailer below was uploaded to YouTube in 60 fps, and there appears to be plenty of fluidity in the brief cutaways of regular gameplay, 60 fps looks like the target.

Just to recap for September: Borderlands 3, Spyro on the PC and Switch, Ni No Kuni hitting the Switch and the remaster hitting PC and PS4, Baldur’s Gate on consoles, Gears 5, Last Oasis, Catherine: Full Body, Tropico 6, Code Vein, The Surge 2, the Link’s Awakening reimagining, the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World, Daemon X Machina and Greedfall, not to mention countless other indies and re-releases.

Yeah, September’s got a bit going on.


  • I loved this on PC, and it’s perfect for Switch. If the sequel also goes to Switch, I might get it there instead of PC this time.

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