Persona 3 Never Looked This Good

persona 3 upscaled remastered waifu2x

Persona 3 was made for the PS2 and the PSP, so you'd expect the game to be a bit blocky by 2019 standards. Fortunately, 2019 has Waifu power.

I'm talking specifically about Waifu2x, the upscaling neural network that did an excellent job sharpening up Trails of Cold Steel recently. Now Trails is a great series and Cold Steel has a banging intro, don't get me wrong.

Waifu, Enhance

AI's done a pretty decent job of upscaling older intros, textures and environments from classic games. But that's nothing compared to what Waifu2x can do.

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But it's not Persona. Some of the earlier Persona games are well overdue for a touch up, and Persona 3 is a perfect candidate to start with. For reference, here's the original intro:

And what happens when you get AI to upscale a 272p video into to 1080p, as well as a bit of rendering with Adobe Premiere to improve the sound quality:

Not quite as good as what Atlus could do if they actually remastered Persona 3 for modern systems. But hey, maybe this'll give them an extra bit of encouragement.


    Come on Atlus, just give us plebs what we want and remaster the older Personas, please.

    I'm usually not one for remasters, but I'd go so far as to put preorder money down inlf Atlus released a version that has the FMV Cut scenes and "The Answer" from FES combined with the updated battle system and female protagonist from P3P.

    @alexwalker typo there it is trails not trials.

    Edit tagged wrong Alex lmao

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