Pokemon Masters Is Live In Australia

pokemon masters australia ios android

Can't wait for Sword & Shield? Don't worry, because there's a new Pokemon mobile game live right now.

The game focuses on the Pokemon Masters League, a tournament pitting trainers against each other in head-to-head battles where you partner with a single Pokemon. Players start out with Pikachu for the single-player Pokemon Masters League, where your character will eventually grow in the same basic stats as the Pokemon games.

It's a free-to-play game with microtransactions — the game asks you at the start if you want to enable a notification that lets you know when you've spent over a few thousand gems in the space of a month.

We'll have more on the game after spending some time with it. The game is available on iOS and Android right now through their respective stores.


    Feels like the worst mobile game under the Pokemon brand. Its a pretty lazy gacha game that really lacks heart.

    I played for 20 minutes before uninstalling.

    I installed it but couldnt tell if the characters were intentionally illiterate or if it was just bad translations.

    Rising star at the start of the game I thought she was getting offensive with me but she was saying trying to say 'Forget' but spelling it 'fugget'

    Im struggling to understand the dialogue and missed the turn based gameplay

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