Pokémon Trophy Breaks The Moment Winner Touches It

Pokémon Trophy Breaks The Moment Winner Touches It

Anyone got some Pokéglue?

The Pokémon World Championships were this past weekend, with players from around the globe battling across the 3DS and trading card games to see who would become this year’s Pokémon masters. After all was said and done, Pokémon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara took to the stage to present all of the finalists with their trophies, some of which were apparently shoddier than a Team Rocket plan.

Runner-up in the junior division for the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Isaac Terceira, was the first to collect. Sporting his awesome Pokémon-themed outfit, he strode on stage to cheers from the audience and the swelling of an orchestral accompaniment. Ishihara handed him the trophy, which promptly broke as he clutched it against his chest, sending the silver cup held by a pikachu tumbling down the stage.

It’s hard to decide which is better: the audience’s applause transforming into deep gasps, the distraught look that spreads across Ishihara’s assistant’s face as the cup fell, or Terceira’s deadpan stare after he was unable to put the trophy back together.

The champions for PokémonTCG were Haruki Miyamoto in the Junior Division, Kaya Lichtleitner in the Senior Division, and Henry Brand in the Masters Division. In the video game, Pi Wu took the Junior Division title, Ko Tsukide claimed it for the Senior Division, and Naoto Mizobuchi took first-place in the Masters Division after his Salamence helped him dominate the best-of-three grand finals.

Fortunately, all of their trophies stayed intact. 


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