The Internet Reacts To That Wild PS5 Devkit Patent

ps5 devkit patent leakImage: Lets Go Digital

Sometimes, giving the internet an inch can turn into a really fun mile.

The latest thing to set people off lately has been the unveiling of a patent filed by Sony. It was first discovered by Dutch tech website Let's Go Digital, and supposedly relates to the dev kit for the PlayStation 5.

Devkits have sometimes just been the raw hardware in a standard computer case, but over time they've gotten more elaborate and advanced, too. Apart from generally having more power, storage and RAM than the retail consoles, there's often differences in the chassis design.

The Xbox One X dev kit, for instance, had an LCD panel on the front that could monitor temperatures and frame rate, along with three front-facing USB ports. The PS4 Pro dev kit was an aluminium beast, with massive grills on the front and three front-facing USB ports of its own, along with an array of LEDs.

Image: kaneda2004

So it's pretty normal for dev kits to look a little ... different. But according to the patents filed by Sony, the PS5 dev kit looks like a bloated Star Wars resistance bomber, or a bit like an Intellivision with the middle carved out. One developer even posted on Twitter (which has since been deleted) that the patent design was real and they had the devkit in their office.

Image: Let's Go Digital

The whole V shape is a bit obvious. Past history says there won't be any relation between this design and the final consumer product, since retail consoles often rely on a sleek design as part of their appeal.

Still, that hasn't stopped the internet from having a ton of fun with the design:

One user cheekily pointed out that the patent design isn't that bad given the history of devkits:

Personally, I'm all for it. Consoles should be weird as hell. Live your best life, Sony. Make the PS5 a UFO or something.


    I want one so the next time my PlayStation sounds like it's trying to take off and fly around the room, it actually looks like it will too!

    I looks like it is designed to absolutely maximise airflow - these things must be running hot if the pictures are accurate.

    Given how the PS4 and PS4 Pro can sound like jet engines, anything which keeps the console cool is good in my book. Luckily my consoles are relatively hidden, so I'm not too worried about their aesthetic value.

    It reminds me of a PC Engine. That or I'm just obsessing over the mini pc engine so much I'm starting to see it on everything.

    AWESOME. Bring back original looks for consoles! I'm sick to death of 'small boxes' for consoles. Megadrive, Snes, Gamecube, they all had great, original looks to them. Let this look like that picture by all means! Make it highly original in physical design by all means :D

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