scribbletaku can you guess the game

Yesterday's game? Jagged Alliance, specifically the portrait icons of all the mercenaries you hire (showing their health, remaining action points, stamina and so on). Great, great game that I'd love to see get properly remastered one day.

I don't have the iPad today, so going to do a new game. I wonder if you can guess what it is?

Good luck! And to help you out: it is one of the games on this list. There's more of a clue in this picture than you think. Be creative!


    hmm... the Refused Classification logo?

      oh I see, pays to read the whole thing. Syndicate?

      I feel like the answer will be the one on the list that no one guesses... lol

        There's a very definite, strong clue in the picture that will help you cull the list.

    Based on the picture, presumably it is something that is "not Refused Classification"? Going down the list in the other article, "Genital Jousting" has never actually been banned due to the publisher not submitting it for classification. So I'll go with that one.

    The line crosses the R and resembles ℞, which is the symbol for medical prescriptions. If that's the clue, then perhaps it's We Happy Few?

      I was going to say that We Happy Few seems to be the only one that overturned the classification rather than alter or give up, but I like your reason better...

    Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, obviously. The main character scribbles down his graffiti ideas in a notebook.

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