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So people got very close with yesterday's game, and a few — Zombie Jesus, stormo, kartanym — started thinking along the right lines. But nobody actually got the game, and I'll explain what it is and how the clues worked after the jump.

The first obvious clue, which you all got, was that it was a game that was Refused Classification. It was also a game whose rating had been overturned, and the first clue to which of the games had been overturned was actually the colour of the pen: blue.

The blue colour was an indication to what rating the game received, which in the Aussie system is M (MA15+ is red, PG is yellow, G is green, and R18+ is black). So that whittled the list down substantially.

The second clue was actually the letters themselves, RC, which happen to be the initials (reversed) of Creative Reality, the makers of DreamWeb.

So a little bit of fun with that one yesterday. Let's see how you go with today's game!


    Wow that's obtuse even by your standards, Alex.

    As for today's, I got nothing, but it looks like one of those X-ray shots from one of the Sniper games.

    Or Mortal Kombat X/11 I guess.

    Hahaha... Mortal Kombat X11, the only windowing system that violently murders you when it crashes.

      i feel personally attacked by this but also i'm grinning

    Well, this one's pretty obvious. There's an arrow which you use for hunting. The pen colour is blue which we know from Liar Liar is the colour Jim Carrey's character was trying to say was red. There's 8 lines on the left hand side of the page which gives things the prefix "Oct".

    So obviously it's Hunt For Red October. ^_-

      I'd give you credit for figuring this out, but really this was just obvious.

      I think you're on to something here. And while there are 8 lines visible at the left of the image, there are 10 lines visible overall. What is the 10th month of the year?

    What kind of drugs were you on when you made all those connections, was it DMT?

    My guess is some type of VR shooter with a bow and arrow. I'd say VR because of the disembodied hand. I was going to say Blade and sorcery but you can see the arms in that game.

    Looks like "an arrow to the knee" to me...

    It's very clearly Skyrim

    Arrow to the knee

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