scribbletaku can you guess the game

As much as Skyrim was cute — and as funny as Casual's extreme circular reasoning to get to Hunt for Red October was — Friday's game was Conquests of the Longbow: Legend of Robin Hood. One of the less advertised Sierra point-and-click adventures from the early '90s.

I wonder how you'll go with today's game...

Good luck!


    Assault Android Cactus. Just because more people need to play it :)

    The "Beam" with the long meter makes me think R-Type, but its a bit different to the original design. Maybe one of the modern sequels/remakes.

    F-Zero had beams around the track designed to keep you on track.

    The 4 drawn is also the same font type.

    The HUD display for the Nuclear Laser Beam from the hit classic the hunt for red october 2: Space Hunt

    Bonus: this game was only ever released on the PS1. A PC version was planned, but never made it out the door.

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