Here's The Latest Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer

There's a little bit of fresh Terminator slicin' and dicin' in the new trailer, but Sarah Connor gets all the best bits here.

Dark Fate is the latest movie in the Terminator franchise, and brings back Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) as they deal with liquid Terminators from the future. Hamilton is a bad arse for most of the trailer, but there's a nice bit towards the end when Arnie comes into the picture.

Looks decent so far. Terminator: Dark Fate hits Australian cinemas on October 31 this year.


    This looks like the Sarah Connor Chronicles all over again... Except the guy who built this franchise and made it worth watching has been reduced down to a cameo role and even then spends all his time getting shit-canned.

    That being said... Still better than Genisys

      I quite enjoyed Genisys, personally. Certainly better than 3 and Salvation.

    Poor Arnie and Linda, time keeps chipping away at them.

    Linda is looking pretty mad grandma, she can still sell the character and Arnie is still built like a brick shit house.

      There was an event earlier this year in South Africa that Arnie was at. Someone drop kicked him and pretty much just bounced off.

      Arnie's 72, thats some hard stuff to take at that age. And it was nothing to him.

    I'll admit I wasn't interested in this at all.
    But that trailer was pretty great.

    It's just a bit sad now, wheeling out Grandma and Grandpa to fight robots from the future. Might stream it at some point I guess ...

    Wait... if Sarah is this old, did the Day of the Machines happen already?

      The point of Terminator 2 was that they stopped Judgement Day from happening.
      But this sort of implies it wasn't stopped, just delayed (which may have been hinted at in T2, I forget, and was the plot of T3, but T3 and everything after is being ignored for this).

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