The Bridge Between Themyscira And The World Of Men Is Back In This Wonder Woman Preview

Wonder Woman’s been dealing with a lot lately. Some big changes have rocked not just Themyscira, but Diana herself, as she’s been reunited with her mother, Queen Hippolyta. But just as quickly as Diana has found a semblance of peace, her latest comic is about to thrust her back into the world of man — and we’ve got a look inside.

DC Comics’ Wonder Woman ongoing, currently penned by Kamala Khan creator G. Willow Wilson, recently reunited Diana with Queen Hippolyta after an epic Amazon war for the future of Themyscira that saw the heroes triumph over the villainous Grail.

For a brief time, it seemed as if Diana might finally have a chance to simply live her life in peace amongst the people she loves most. But in this preview of Wonder Woman #76 from Wilson and artist Lee Garbett, it becomes clear that Wonder Woman’s time to relax isn’t going to last so long.

Check out a look inside the issue pages below.

Wonder Woman #76 hits stores Wednesday.


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