The Fastest NBN Plans, According To The ACCC

The ACCC last week released its sixth report on real-world NBN speeds, and the results weren’t bad, with providers delivering between 80.4% and 86.7% of maximum plan speeds during peak usage hours of 7pm - 11pm. It could be worse, hey?

The report’s sample is large enough to provide peak hour speed information on nine major ISPs: Aussie Broadband, Dodo, Exetel, iiNet, iPrimus, MyRepublic, Optus, Telstra, and TPG.

TPG came out on top AGAIN, which makes this its fifth consecutive “win”. The telco’s subscribers were found to get an average of 86.7% of their plan's maximum speeds during busy periods, putting it ahead of the eight other providers in the report.

Here are the full results:

Overall Overall excluding under
performing connections
Peak hours
Aussie Broadband 86.6% 90.0% 85.3%
Dodo 82.2% 88.1% 80.4%
Exetel 85.1% 87.3% 82.8%
iiNet 85.3% 90.7% 84.2%
iPrimus 82.2% 88.1% 80.4%
MyRepublic 85.1% 91.2% 84.8%
Optus 86.7% 91% 85.5%
Telstra 84.2% 91.1% 83.1%
TPG 87.6% 91.5% 86.7%

It's worth noting that the ACCC speed testing program sample size isn’t huge: it covered 1,095 NBN connections. There’s obviously some margin of error when it comes to this data, but it’s still useful to have as an indication of which providers can actually deliver a decent NBN connection.

Here’s a look at NBN 100 plans from the providers in the ACCC report:

MyRepublic is the cheapest when it comes to NBN 100 plans from the ACCC ISP shortlist. You’ll pay $89.95 per month for the first 12 months, and $94.95 per month thereafter. The plan is offered on a no-contract basis, so you can leave whenever you want. This offer is available until October 9.

Speed winner TPG is up next in terms of price, coming in at $89.99 per month on an 18-month contract. That’s a whole four cents more per month. If you’d prefer a contract-free plan, however, you will pay an extra $99.95 set-up fee.

And here’s a look at NBN 50 plans from the providers in the ACCC report:

Exetel is the cheapest option out of the NBN 50 plans here. You’ll pay $64.99 per month for unlimited data on a contract-free plan, but there is a $79 setup fee.

Note that Telstra doesn't have an NBN 100 plan in its core range. To get NBN 100 speeds on Telstra you'll need to sign up for an NBN 50 plan and, if your physical connection is fast enough, you can then upgrade to NBN 100 for an extra $30 per month. Dodo and iPrimus don’t sell NBN 100 plans either, and don’t have any options for upgrading. MyRepublic doesn’t currently sell an NBN 50 plan.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia's phone and internet comparison website.

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    Fastest plans that the actual NBN infrastructure will allow. :|

    The "overall excluding underperforming connections" figure is probably more important when comparing providers though. If one household's FTTN shitty connection prevents them from hitting the speed they're paying for, it's going suck no matter which ISP they choose.

    If you exclude those households, you're measuring ISP performance when NBNco isn't the problem. That still puts TPG on top, but by a smaller margin.

    I'm getting 30mbs slowest speeds and 80mbs fastest speed on 4g with my mobile, I just hotspot now as for my wired broadband I was lucky to get 15mbs.

    I live in a rural area that's getting NBN some time in 20yet to be determined, would love if telstra did unlimited data on mobile or if they released an uncapped mobile home broadband.

    Surprises to see aussie at the top, as im looking to leave them because they arent supplying the speeds. Yes my line is capable it was with optus but I changed because of cost.

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