The Happiest NBN Users In Australia

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If you're after an NBN plan you'll actually like, you might want to pay attention to the latest Roy Morgan Internet Service Provider Customer Satisfaction survey. Released last week, the survey polled almost 15,000 Australians (over the age of 14) as to how happy they were with their provider.

Internode came out on top, with an 82% customer satisfaction rating, which is an 18% increase from June last year. It was closely followed by stablemates iiNet and TPG, who came in at 79% and 74% respectively.

Following the TPG Group are Optus and Telstra-owned Belong, both at 74%, then Telstra itself at 72%. And coming in last are the Vocus Group-owned iPrimus and Dodo, at 71% and 70% respectively.

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If you’re interested in shacking up with one of these providers, here's a look at how their unlimited NBN 50 plans compare:

Belong is the cheapest option here, at $65 per month. You will have to sign a 12-month contract, but in exchange for your troubles, Belong will throw in $80 of free mobile credit if you’re interested in changing your mobile provider too. Belong reports evening speeds of 40Mbps on NBN 50 plans.

TPG is up next in terms of pricing at $69.99 per month. This plan is available on an 18-month contract, but you can go month-to-month instead if you're happy to $129.95 in upfront setup fees. TPG reports evening speeds of 42.6Mbps on NBN 50 plans.

Satisfaction winner Internode is a bit pricier, coming in at $79.99 per month on a 24-month contract. If you'd prefer a no-contract plan, you can avoid a long-term commitment by paying $99 in setup fees. Internode reports evening speeds of 44.4Mbps on NBN 50 plans.

And here's how unlimited NBN 100 plans from each of these providers compare:

Before we take a look at these, it's worth noting that Dodo and iPrimus don't offer NBN 100 speeds at all, and Telstra doesn't have an NBN 100 plan in its standard range. To get NBN 100 speeds on Telstra, you’ll need to sign-up for an NBN 50 plan and bolt on a speed boost for an extra $30 per month.

TPG is the most affordable out of this group, billed at $89.99 per month. Better yet, it's also the fastest: the telco currently reports typical evening speeds of 88.1Mbps, pretty much making it the fastest peak hour provider around. Once again you can get this plan on an 18-month contract, or on a more casual basis If you're happy to pay $129.95 in setup fees.

Internode is again more expensive than its stablemate, coming in at $99.99 per month. However, the telco only reports evening speeds of 75.1Mbps on NBN 100 plans, which means it's potentially more than 10Mbps slower than TPG during busy times. You can get this plan on a 24-month contract, or contract-free by spending $99 in upfront fees.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia's phone and internet comparison website.

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    So did the survey only cover those 4 providers (TPG, Optus, Telstra, and Vocus), or are those the top results from the survey?

      Most of those companies are owned by TPG and all get their bandwidth from Optus. Hmmm.

      MyRepublic is by far the best provider I’ve found. And they are independent.

    Still reckon I'm happier not being an NBN customer at all, tbh.

    I got mine on last week. Despite a few issues in the booking stage. Getting it connected was effortless. I am getting great download speeds now and it’s made a huge impact, for the better, in my PvP games.

    I’m in Sydney Inner west, through iiNet, on the like 50 plan.

      Yup finally got mine sorted thru aussie broadband, shaved 30ms off my ping, I feel like Apex is actually fair now!
      Also, downloading a 7gb update in 15mins is pretty fucking rad also

        Surprised to hear it. I'm with aussie until the end of this billing period because of how slow they are. Im on FTTC and can't get more than 26mbps off them on a 50 plan. Was with optus before and was getting 86 off a 100 plan.

    Im glad i have it.

    Not glad about the shit the NBN has become.

    FTTP was future proof. This NBN is not.

    If you win the NBN lotto you are much likely to be happier no matter who your provider is.

    I get the full 100/40 so I am very happy but one of my clients recently signed up for 100/40 and all they can get is 40/10 because they are in an area with very bad copper and its FTTN.

    Its a real shame that what was meant to give everyone an equal playing field just created another bunch of haves and have nots.

    100MBit FTTP and no complaints.

    Mostly I'm just shitty that a large chunk of the country misses out.

    TPG, IInet, Belong are all sub co of Optus, iPrimus and Dodo and sub co of Telstra,


      There is so much wrong with this post I barely know where to start.

      In fact, it's hard to tell what the first sentence even means. For a start, TPG, iinet and Belong have nothing at all to do with Optus fixed broadband.

      And there are well established speed differences between operators, typically the result of how much bandwidth they are willing to purchase at the back end. NBNCo only provide the cables.

      You clearly have no idea what so ever how our Internet infrastructure works. Nor do you have any idea how an internet provider works.

    Already had 100mega bippity boops per second on cable (i can never remember Mbps and mb/s). Getting NBN connected next week.
    Assuming i wont get any higher download, but if the upload improves that would be pretty great.
    Sticking with optus as they have been pretty good these last couple years on cable. Hopefully ill be part of their happy group if i ever get this survey.

      Will Optus sell you internet? I enquired of them and all they would sell is some bundle deal with a whole bunch of shit I did not want.

        At our place we are getting all that extra shit. We needed home phone and such anyway. Plus we have a friend who used to work at optus/telstra, so they have been our liaison setting ours up with free bonuses and discounts (having worked their they know the sneaky secrets of what bonuses can be given if the customer complains the right way). So we paid for speedboost and got phone and fetch and whatnot essentially free

        But, im fairly confident on their site they have a plan thats just internet, like $70 a month for 50/20 unlimited data. pay for what phone inclusions you want, pay for fetch if you want. Only thing is being on a 24 month contract.
        Not even sure i'd recommend them over anyone else really, as anyone can do NBN on HFC cant they? and will likely have cheaper internet only plans if that what you need. Honestly if we couldn't get the extra help from that friend i doubt we would have stuck with optus (we only were with them before because no one else could do internet on the cable to our house).

    I was plagued with constant dropouts before I switched to NBN. Though the first month with it was annoying because we still suffered from dropouts (we came to realise that the original install was faulty), but since we got it repaired we haven't suffered a single problem or dropout since. I'm connected through HFC with Optus on their 100/40 Top Tier plan, download/upload speeds have been at max consistently on the daily.

      Similar story here. I was getting 15-20 dropouts a day only 300 metres from the exchange and even though TPG acknowledged there was a problem, Telstra refused to fix it. Since getting NBN installed I've only had maybe four drops in months. It's otherwise been flawless.

    What about Aussie Broadband? I've heard good things about them but no idea how they actually stack up.

      I was wondering why they're not in this metric seeing as they have more customers than DoDo and a few others.

      I've been with them at 2 NBN FTTP premises now and they've been great. Pretty consistent speeds (usually just behind TPG who are the current leaders) but they have decent customer support inside Australia. Nothing wrong with external call centres if they're trained right but they rarely are and - due to security concerns - many of them can't access basic trouble shooting tools available for the NBN.
      Heck, I can reset and test my connection using Aussies App, which is more than Optus's call centre could do when I had network problems at the same address.

      Last edited 06/08/19 4:10 pm

      For me they are bad. I left optus because aussie was cheaper but so far I've only reached half of what speed I'm meant to have.

    I wouldn't use Internode these days, they're a vestigial organ as far as TPG is concerned. Their equipment still runs PPOE for connecting to the NBN which is just an utter waste of packet space by modern standards.

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