The Modified Version Of DayZ Has Been Rated MA15+

The Modified Version Of DayZ Has Been Rated MA15+

DayZ was the first major title to be refused classification in the last few weeks, and it looks like it’ll be the first one to escape the ban hammer too.

The Classification Board site has just been updated this morning, noting that DayZ was rated MA15+ yesterday:

The application notes that the version of DayZ has been modified, meaning that — as Bohemia first indicated to Kotaku Australia — the board has reviewed the version of the game sans cannabis.

The game’s rating should clear the way for DayZ to be sold once more on all digital platforms, so its removal from Steam, the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live should be short lived. It brings an end to what has been a bizarre week for Bohemia’s survival shooter, but it’s not all bad: apart from the spotlight it puts on Australia’s classification guidelines, it’s also been a nice boost in attention for DayZ‘s upcoming content patch.

Classification Board Reconfirms Weed Was Being Added Into DayZ

Throughout the whole DayZ saga, the most misunderstood element amongst fans and social media was the key reason why the game was refused classification. As Kotaku Australia first reported, the game was officially banned -- or refused classification -- over the use of cannabis, which currently is only usable in DayZ through mods. But partially because of the interest surrounding the game, and the unique circumstances whereby the game was classified and refused classification at the same time, the Classification Board has taken the rare stance of publishing a statement clarifying why the game was banned.

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Don't Blame The Classification Board For DayZ, Blame The Government

Games don't get banned all that often, and every time it happens there's a surge of interest in Australia's archaic classification system. That's generally followed by a torrent of abuse against the Classification Board, occasionally Australia itself, and more recently, a bit of public vitriol directly against the members of the board. But as was the case when Fallout 3 and Mortal Kombat were completely banned from sale, the same situation applies with DayZ. Rather than directing ire towards the people whose sole job is to enforce the letter of the law, people need to go all the way back to 1995.

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  • Shame the guidelines will continue to be outdated and never updated. Just look at how long and the overall fight it took just to get an R18+ Rating sticker (A reclassified MA15+ guidelines). It’s going to be near impossible or at least 2 full generations (We need Boomers and GenX to completely die off or retire) before there will be people in Government who care about things like this and actually want to act upon it.

    • We need Boomers and GenX to completely die off or retire No, you dont. They arent the problem. You need to convince the process to go faster, thats where the problem is. Gen X grew up with consoles and games, and boomers were the ones buying them.

      The issue is how slow it is to change, and thats because it comes down to eight people. One in each state and territory, they’re called Attorney-Generals.. Want to change how it happens, get them replaced with someone who will bow to your will.

      FYI, the AG for the Northern Territory is Gen Y so I doubt that would work either. Little thing to remember is that Boomers and Gen X were the groups that invented all of this stuff. Millennials dont have a monopoly on good ideas.

      Gen X in particular grew up with the tech, no different to kids today. People need to stop thinking they dont “get it”. Consoles were an 80’s thing when they were teens, the internet came along in their mid 20’s as did mobile phones.

  • Gen x gamer here. We aren’t the problem, it’s a bit sad that people say we are. If anything we are waiting to replace the boomers so we can fix all this kind of crap.

  • The problem I see is Australian rating system seems to think drugs and sex are not allowed for people over 18 years old, we’re not allowed to be told about it or shown anything related to it! (via games)

    It’s quite idiotic and dystopian, when did Australia become China? fucken pathetic!

    Meanwhile this stuff is flashed in front of kids under 18 years old via movies and tv shows… really backwards society!

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