The Witcher 3 Has A Release Date For The Switch

Done with Fire Emblem and need another game on the Switch that will take another 80+ hours of your life? Then you've only got a couple of months to wait.

CD Projekt Red's Switch version of Geralt's magnum opus is launching on October 15, which is just under two months from now. It'll be the complete edition of the game, as you'd expect, and there's an official launch trailer below and a 41-minute gameplay video from the docked version.

One of the nicest elements of Witcher 3 has made it into the Switch version as well: the foliage system, where the trees, leaves and grass sway with the wind. You can see Novigrad and some of the changes made to make it work on the Switch, too.

The Witcher 3: Complete Edition launches on the Switch on October 15.


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