This Cute Kaiju Rampage Is The Best Dreams Level I’ve Played So Far

This Cute Kaiju Rampage Is The Best Dreams Level I’ve Played So Far

There’s plenty of games about fighting and hunting monsters, but not enough games about being a monster and smashing things up. Thankfully there’s Dreams, the incredible creative game that’s led to everything from serialized puppet shows to playable Final Fantasy VII Remake battles. Some intrepid Dreams players have even teamed up to make the perfect giant monster simulator.

“Ruckus: Just Another Natural Disaster” is a player-made level in Dreams in which players take control of a giant but adorable monster and go on a rampage throughout an island metropolis. Players can stomp around, climb buildings, pick up tanks to scarf down, and fire an extremely powerful laser beam, all set to bouncy music.

The goal is simple: Smash as much as you can within the time limit and try to get a high score. News reports pop up on screen as the damage is documented, along with tongue-in-cheek narration. Semi-hidden locations on the island, like a church seemingly devoted to the giant monster and a nuclear power plant that explodes, reward players who explore and smash as much as possible.

While this is a collaborative project, “Ruckus” designer Mori Shiro has documented the development process on their Twitter with posts from as far back as May. It’s fascinating to watch as what was original a diorama of a monster comes to life with little design quirks and becomes the star of their very own game.

It makes me long for the return of games like Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee and War of the Monsters. Or even just a new Katamari Damacy.

Dreams is still in Early Access, but projects like “Ruckus” really show its potential as a creative tool. It’s a chance to enjoy bite-sized chunks of fun, and for creators to build their dream games. It might be a long time before there’s another giant monster game or unholy Rampage reboot, so I’ll gladly enjoy “Ruckus” for now. Anytime I have a rough day, I’ll consider a quick five-minute smashathon with my cute monster pal.


  • This looks really fun and holy crap, is that the Shohei Yoshida talking to them in their Twitter feed?!
    If so he should totally get them on board to make this a full scale title.

  • This looks great. And with the adorability of the monster itself, I kinda want to see a collection of shorts where he just tries to fit in in the city, then gets angry and blasts everything when it inevitably doesn’t work out.
    There’s a couple of small clips in the devlog along similar lines, and they’re amazing.

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