This Week In Games: Everyone's Sky

It's time to explore the skies once more.

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There's a few games dropping this week that are absolutely worth everyone's attention, but the biggest dog in the room by far is the free upcoming expansion for No Man's Sky, Beyond. Some quarters of my feeds who have already played the game have basically described it as No Man's Sky 2 in all but name, which is more than enough reason to check back in with the indie space explorer, especially since the whole content patch is still free.

Alsoou thtis week is Remnant: From the Ashes, a co-op survival shooter with partial procedural generation and lots of Root (corrupted enemies, basically) to slice through. If you wanted something a little more sedate, however, Anodyne 2: Return to Dust also drops this week. Definitely one for anyone who loved a lot of older '90s and early '00s adventures. It's giving me strong LittleBigPlanet vibes from the 3D style, but there's a lot of the classic old-school Zelda vibes with the 2D sections as well.

Don't forget the visual novel Eliza either, a game from the makers of Infinifactory, TIS-100 and Exapunks. Here's the leaderboard for the week:

  • Anodyne 2 (PC)
  • No Man's Sky: Beyond (PC, PS4, XBO)
  • Ancestors Legacy (XBO)
  • Exception (XBO, Switch)
  • DARQ (PC)
  • Remnant: From the Ashes (PC, XBO)
  • VASARA Collection (XBO, Switch)
  • Aritana and the Twin Masks (XBO)
  • Escape from the Universe (Switch)
  • Never Give Up (PC, Switch)
  • Rogue Singularity (Switch)
  • Ittle Dew (Switch)
  • Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark (Switch)
  • Beholder 2 (Switch)
  • Anode (Switch)
  • Eliza (PC)
  • RogueVerse (PC)
  • Extricate (PC)
  • Emberlight (PC)
  • Vicious Circle (PC)
  • Cult (PC)
  • Orpheus's Dream
  • Brutal Sports: Football (PC)
  • O Rei (PC)
  • FlowScape (PC)

Bonus: Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is out this week as well! But on the Epic Games Store.

We'll start the trailers with Anodyne 2, primarily because I just love that pixelated '90s third-person aesthetic:

See anything you like this week?


    Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is out on Wednesday. I’ve been playing the pre-release version on my stream. It’s basically a spiritual successor to games like Wing Commander and Privateer. It’s what Star Citizen/Squadron 42 should have been. Just a shame it’s releasing the same week as No Man’s Sky Beyond update, it may get a bit lost in the noise.

      Geez dude, that's a pretty big, high-praise claim.

      I mean, it got my attention, but those are seriously big boots to fill.

        Yeah it’s good. If ya like those 90s/early 2000s space sims, I’m sure you’ll like Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. A standout feature is it has it’s own 3D paint tool for painting your space ship, which you can then 3D print. It’s also later coming to Switch (though without the painting tool).

        It's a 12-month EGS exclusive too, which is unfortunate for the people who don't want to use that store.

    Yeah No Man's Sky Beyond is the only thing for me this week.

    That said, If you're a lapsed Final Fantasy XIV player, you can log in and play for free this week, so get on that if you're looking for an excuse to try that game out again.

    Man, I've been keen on Remnant ever since I saw E3 trailers for it, but I have heard practically NOTHING about it ever since.

    That... doesn't bode well. The same thing happened with Fade to Silence, and it turned out no-one was getting hyped about that for really good reason. (It was Not Good.)

    Hi! Sean Han Tani here, co-creator of Anodyne 2! Thanks for mentioning our game coming out tomorrow! It's a really unique adventure and I think you all will enjoy it.

    If anyone's further interested, it can be wishlisted on Steam here until it releases.

      Loved the first one, didn't even realize the second was coming until this article. (I mean, I saw something like... six months ago, but as it wasn't imminent I just filed it away as 'pay attention on launch'.)

      I noticed the preview video mentioned wishlisting on Steam, like in your comment. I'm curious and was wondering if you'd mind commenting on what value you get from the wishlisting stats. I tend to do it a lot, though not always for 'coming soon' or early access titles, was just wondering what it's used for on the developer's side.

    My 6 year old daughter loves playing cooking games with me on the Switch. Here is hoping this is local coop.

    Does anyone know if vicious circle will be getting a console release?

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