Tokyo Opens An Amusement Area Dedicated To... Bubble Tea

Right now, Japan is going through a bubble tea boom. The beverage is so popular that a bubble tea amusement park called Tokyo Tapioca Land recently opened. Shame it looks kind of depressing.

In Japanese, bubble tea is called tapioca drink or simply tapioca.

Before Tokyo Tapioca Land opened, concept art showed an amusement area inspired by the drink, complete with on-site vendors and photo ops.

Images from Tokyo Tapioca Land’s official Twitter look fun.

But according to some attendees, it doesn’t live up to expectations, whatever those might have been.

It costs 1,200 yen ($17) to enter Tapioca Land. The place looks cheap and slapped together. There are only four stalls selling the drink, which is not included in the entrance fee. Oh, and there is no bathroom. 

But you can buy Tapioca Land emblazoned souvenirs for a couple bucks.

As soon as Tapioca Land opened, people took to Twitter, calling the themed beverage park “awful,” “shabby” and “gloomy.” It was also lambasted as amateur-looking and compared to a school fair.

It has inspired some meme images and humorous comparisons.


    Ok then... Why do we need to know tho? Like, it's interesting sure, but outside of Japan, does it actually impacts anything?

      The same reason we need to know about video game news - some people find it interesting and like to read stories about it.

        +1 to this.

        I quite enjoy a lot of Brians stories from japan. A lot of them are quite interesting.

      Agreed. But y'know Bashcraft. And Bashcraft never changes. Sadly. It's cool tho, I couldn't see half of it due to rampant pop-up ads anyway. Oh noes! Smeggy's in one of his moods again...

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