Turns Out Part Of The New Destiny Trailer Leaked Two-And-A-Half Years Ago

The makers of Destiny have a long and storied tradition of reusing content from the cutting room floor, and the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion is no exception, with fans discovering that this week’s new trailer features a cut-scene that was leaked on the internet before Destiny 2 even came out.

Way back in February of 2017, when Rise of Iron was in full gear and Bungie’s developers were still making plans to announce their grand sequel to Destiny, this trailer popped up on the internet. It was a menacing look at the robotic Vex.

And here (at 2:51) is the cinematic trailer that Bungie showed yesterday at Gamescom in Germany, two-and-a-half years later, in preparation for the release of Shadowkeep on October 1:

Looks like they’ve been sitting on this one for a while! The developers of Bungie have done this many times before, reusing the cut bits and pieces from various releases and expansions. It started with Destiny 1‘s major story reboot the year before launch, after which Bungie moved the Dreadnaught into the first expansion, The Taken King. Major areas like the European Dead Zone and Pyramidion were in the works for previous releases and expansions before they eventually found their proper fits. And all this Vex stuff has clearly been on someone’s hard drive for a long time.

A cynical pundit might scream about developers holding back content to sell later, but really, this is the inevitable consequence of slow tools and a game that needs to be updated constantly. It’s also smart. With Bungie now independent and no longer able to rely on Activision’s deep pockets, the people who make Destiny are no doubt going back through their vault and digging up any unused content they can find. It’s not nefarious—it’s efficient.


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