Uniqlo’s Fresh Nintendo, Capcom And Gundam Line Is Coming To Australia

Uniqlo’s Fresh Nintendo, Capcom And Gundam Line Is Coming To Australia
Images: Uniqlo/Supplied
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One of the best parts about visiting Japan, or any other country that’s Not Australia, is seeing all the cool things that never make their way down under. Uniqlo’s a great example. They do a ton of work with game publishers, manga artists and major brands, and Australia barely gets any of the good stuff. Fortunately, their upcoming spring collection — some of which is available today — is bringing a much bigger cache of manga, anime and gaming-inspired shirts with it.

The latest Spring/Summer line for 2019 takes inspiration from Nintendo — no surprise there — but also leans heavily on designs from Street Fighter, Mobile Suit Gundam, Monster Hunter, Hunter X Hunter, My Hero Academia, and a bit of Prince of Tennis.

Below’s just a selection of some of the designs.

The whole collection will be available in Uniqlo stores around Australia and through the Uniqlo website. There’s 14 Nintendo designs for men, 8 for women and 8 for kids, with the male and female shirts selling from $14.90 ($9.90 for the kids shirts), and those designs are available today.

As for the Gundam shirts, there’s 12 unisex offerings from $19.90, while 10 Monster Hunter and 12 Street Fighter designs are selling for $19.90. They will all be available from September 13, while the manga-themed shirts will have 28 male designs, 12 female designs and 9 designs for kids, all of which will go on sale from November 4.


  • I have one of the old Nintendo designs (the Splatoon one) and a Blizzard design, and they’re so good. Not only for the design, but the quality of the shirt is really good as well.

    Definitely gonna look into getting some of these.

  • OT, I went to an opening of a Uniqlo store while on holiday in Japan two years ago.

    It was raining pretty hard and my hotel had 3pm check in so I dropped my bags at the front counter and bought some clothes because I was soaking wet.

    Not sure if there were discounts for the opening or if it’s just normal but I got an outfit for around $75 Australian socks, pants, briefs, thermal undershirt, and flannie great quality as well.

      • Often the difference is a higher neckline and room for breasts. Designs, especially if they are over the chest area, can become stretched and ripped or they can look weird.
        Personally, I don’t like the higher neckline as I hate the feeling of anything rubbing against my neck.

    • It’s a tee, there’s no such thing as a male or female tee. Or any kind of clothing for that matter, gendering things is stupid.

      • I mean underwear is a bit different so are jeans… like in the crotch, nothing stopping anyone from wearing items designed to fit certain areas comfortably (or uncomfortably).

        Certain clothing is form fitting for men or women and it’s mostly about looks but comfort is a pretty big part as well so I think I will stick to the men’s section when buying jeans.

      • Do you sew at all? If not I can tell you there most certainly IS a difference. Yes, even in tees. See my above comment for the difference in male and female tees.
        As @almightysparrow said, jeans and things are often made with gender in mind. Not sure if you are aware, but women have these things called hips and they are often large to give birth to the passage of a baby. Men do not have that. Male jeans have more room in the groin area due to having penises. They need the extra room for those.

        Sorry for being so annoyed but I just want to be comfortable and wear gaming clothes. I’m sick of being told to wear men’s stuff. Why can’t they just make this shit for women as well?

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