Well, Need For Speed Is Back

need for speed heat pc ps4 xbox one november 2019

The Need for Speed series looked like it was on ice for a little while, but as of Thursday morning EA finally confirmed that we'll get a new cops versus street racers game later this year.

It's called Need for Speed: Heat and it's launching on November 8. The first gameplay will be shown off during the new press conference at Gamescom this year, although the official reveal trailer is a pretty good indication of what to expect.

I've always had a soft spot for the Need for Speed games — it brought my fiancee and I together, funnily enough — but the last three titles have been well below the glory days of Underground 1 and 2. The trailer has a ton of drag races and other footage that look a little reminiscent of the first Underground, but we'll see how it holds up at Gamescom later this month.


    Goddamn video games, causing people to drive like idiots on the road!

    *watches trailer*

    Y-yeah! F**k the police!!!

    Oh no, I'm getting violent urges again

      Quick lets ban it from sale! Won't somebody think of the children!

    the last three titles have been well below the glory days of Hot Pursuit 1 and 2.

    Had to fix that for you Alex :P
    Trailer definitely looks like a NFS game, for better or worse. Kinda need to see a bit more.

    I quite enjoyed the last one except for the fact all the car upgrades were in loot boxes meaning you couldn't upgrade cars how you wanted, it came down to luck. The grind then killed it for me really quickly.

    Being EA I suspect that will be the case once again.

      They werent lootboxes. They were surprise mechanics...

        in a racing game, “surprise mechanics” should be a powerup that lets you suddenly call a guy to fix your car

          I was picturing someone that jumps out at a random corner and fixes your car.

      Ah yes the infamous NFS Payback.

      Im not much into racing but NFS was one of the few I enjoyed.. Carbon was more my jam coz of the Touge stuff. But yeah seeing Angry Joes vid on the loot box (seriously.. a Horn as a deluxe rare drop? XD) I refused to touch that game even with a 12 foot clown pole!

        Definitely one to skip. It was fun for a couple of hours until the grind set in. Luckily I only rented it from my library and didn't waste any money on it.

        I reckon if they were to release an Underground or Carbon today all the decals for customisation would be in loot boxes as well. Want to add more than 3 layers? Pay for it.

    Convenient, I always liked NFS and I just bought a wheel for ATS/ETS, so it'll be good to use it for some other titles too.

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