What Are You Playing This Weekend?

what are you playing this weekend warhammer 40k fire warrior pc

We're right in the thick of the first Ashes Test, which means it's a perfect time for playing something while watching the cricket on a second screen.

My current go-to game, whenever I haven't been trying dumb shit in Underlords like racing to level 8 and trying to get 3 or 4 Kunkka characters on the board, has been Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior. The 2003 FPS dropped on GOG last week, and after messing around with a bit of settings, I've knocked out the first couple of levels.

It's definitely a shooter of its time, which you'll understand more next week after I've spent some time cutting together some footage. I've had a few issues getting through a couple of missions just because the game would crash, but it's fascinating nonetheless to look back at what corridor shooters were like then.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I've got a monstrous five play free for all in Kill Team, my friends want to do some more three in Hunt Showdown and I will hopefully knock out the last few levels of EDF5.

    ugh firewarrior was so godamn shit even for a 2003 game it was fucking terrible beyond belief

      This is very true, but I played the shit out of it on PS2.

    only just begun the witcher 3 a couple weeks ago, so knees deep in it. mix that with a little dark souls and some mario maker 2.

    According to the e-mail I got from Amazon today, I won't be playing Madden.

    That's the fifth game I've bought from Amazon with launch-day delivery and the fifth time it's overshot by between a weekend and a week. Has anyone ever got something from Amazon.com.au on launch day?

      Crash team racing came 2 days early for. Me

    D&D... but after that since I started getting another one of the players into it... more EDF5 (finished Normal apart from the two end boss levels on Easy, so grinding Hard mode and the occasional viable Hardest mode level for some of the silly weapons)

    Mission get steamcache working on a qnap nas through docker containers. Then get borderlands handsome collection to several devices on my network through a shitty dsl2 connection so I can introduce the kids to it. (I suppose i could manually copy folders, but this theoretically will cause less effort in the future for where we have multiple licences)

    I'll be pretending to be creative in Dragon Quest Builders 2 and totally not just doing the bare minimum to pass quests. I'm sure people love sleeping outside and don't mind queuing up to eat at the only food source. I mean, they still throw hearts out like candy so it's not like I'm being a bad person.

    I may also check out FE: Three Kingdoms, I mean Houses.

    Speaking of corridor shooters, DOOM 3 dropping out nowhere on PS4 has piqued my interest . I really enjoyed it back it the day on the OG Xbox despite the many haters. Awsome depiction of Hell!
    Anyhows, more of the sleaze, blood and tears in LA Noire this weekend

    The Mutant Year Zero DLC just came out, so will be picking that up for the weekend.

    leveling my paladin in FFXIV. silly expansion has a role quest line and I'll be dammed if i don't witness it lol

    Picked up the season pass for AC: Odyssey. Playing through the DLC now and liking it.

    May throw in some EDF5 or finally start Horizon Zero Dawn.

    Team Sonic Racing. I'm late to it but picked it up cheap and the kids like to play co-op/split screen.

    It'll be mostly sekiro...who knows if much progress will be made...stuck at lady butterfly atm but I've got her number. Possibly. Once I'm sufficiently tilted I'll play some division 2 and apex. Once apex tilts me enough it's back to sekiro, and so on

    Playing more Three Houses since its kidnapped me away from my BG2EE playthrough. Probably some FEH and Echoes on the side.

    Just got the plat for Ni No Kuni 2, which was a 100 hr-ish grind. Moving onto some shorter games now. Started Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice and Banner Saga 3. Still thrashing Bloodborne.

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