What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend is a perfect opportunity for a complete mental reset, which we probably all need given the state of discourse over the last few days.

It’s been draining going through a lot of the coverage from the United States around video games, and a lot of what has depressingly filtered into Australian media. Things were much better this week compared to last — ABC’s PM program invited me on to provide some context around current research, which is more a right of reply than the video game industry, or its respective media, are typically afforded.

But with the way content spreads around the internet, a lot of this is still a bit late. You know the story about a lie travelling around the world before the truth has its chance to lace up its boots?

It’s a bit like that.

So having games like Elo Hell, the bizarre and completely cringey esports sitcom, are a big help. The second episode dropped a couple of days ago, and I’m curious to see if the writing is as … consistent as the first episode.

Behold, 2019's Most Cringey Game

I can't decide if Elo Hell is so bad it's good, or if it's just really, really bad.

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What are you playing this weekend?


  • I’m going to dig my teeth into For The King, which is a really need roguelike RPG thing that popped up on XBox game pass for PC this week.

  • Mostly it will be Borderlands Pre-Sequel with friends, Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Radiant Historia Complete.

  • I’m going to try and finally get through GTAV story.
    Have to say, I think I am becoming an old man though. Playing GTA now is very different to when I played as a teen. When I was playing GTA3, Vice City, etc. it was a non-stop rampage, none were spared. Now I always try my best not to crash and hit any pedestrians, always look to let people go rather than kill them (where possible) and find myself listening exclusively to the Classic Rock radio. Maybe it’s time for me to move to Train Simulator or something.

    • I’m trying to do the same at the moment and am finding myself in a similar frame of mind. I even caught myself saying sorry out loud the other day when I accidentally ran someone over.

      • Haha. I’ve done the same! I find myself most out of character playing as Trevor. One minute he’s stomping someone to death in a cut scene then I don’t want to execute someone a few minutes later, so I run away and he says ‘that oughta show him’. I guess he is a complex character after all!

  • I am making my way through GTAV (on the Xbox) and FFVII (on the Switch). Also a bit of the thoroughly underwhelming (so far) Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

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