What Are You Playing This Weekend?

what are you playing this weekendImage: 8BitDo

I got one of these bad boys recently, and the weekend is the perfect opportunity to continue using it in every scenario possible.

It's one of the new, customisable bluetooth controllers from 8BitDo, the SN30 Pro+. It works with just about every platform, and while I've mostly been using it to mess around with my Switch, it's worked a treat with my PC (via a cable, because my motherboard at home doesn't support Bluetooth!) so far.

Someone asked me the other day whether the D-Pad was an improvement on the Pro Controller and, after a bit more testing in Smash Ultimate and Mortal Kombat 11, I can confirm that the D-Pad is a little better! I'm still more of an analog stick player though, although in fighting games specifically, I genuinely still prefer playing with the keyboard.

It's also been an interesting experience replaying MK11 - I meant to play it early at launch, but fucked my neck so badly I couldn't sit at a computer. And when all of that happened, the reports came out about the conditions that some of the developers were working under. I've been thinking about that while I've been playing the story and it's been ... interesting, to say the least.

Anyway, that's me covered. And possibly some board games — I finally got my copy of Wingspan. What are you playing this weekend?


    Lol at the neck injury swearing... I had to do a double take as I read that sentence....

    I’ll be playing some Remnant: from ashes, and maybe some Team fight tactics this evening, heading down to Byron bay for Saturday night, then some more remnant in Sunday afternoon!

    Still on Persona 5 after the Winter sale. It's really hitting the spot. Love the QoL changes over Persona 4 and how much harder it is to juggle all the things you want to do, especially when there's a dungeon to do. The side stories seem a little worse than P4 but the main story is more focused, and I have more agency (as much as I love the idea of being the Scooby Gang From Rural Japan and solving a mystery, the Investigation Team didn't find shit for the vast majority of the running time).

    I’ll be continuing to mess around in No Man’s Sky and chipping away at The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine dlc.

    Been considering picking up Assassins Creed Odyssey again.
    Keep getting side tracked in that game, dunno if I'll ever finish it. But it's fun.

    Have dabbled a bit in No Man's Sky since the update.
    Restarted since it'd been long enough that I didn't remember squat so I'm kinda still faffing about doing tutorial-y things. Kinda hoping I get to the point where they stop holding my hand at some point soon but it's been alright.

    But today I'm thinking I'll get around to that new episode of Life is Strange 2.

    The original Rage on PC, I'm a few hours in and it's generic but solid so far.

    Im playing the waiting game while I wait for a 15 year old game to relaunch.

    Playing some X-Wing on my Win98 PC :)

    I'll be playing Destiny 2 on PC thanks to cross save and finishing off my Warlocks solstice armour (the final one). Also been smashing out Hollow Knight on the Switch.

    Thank you for the info on the dpad! I have been checking out some vids on it and how it goes with more fighting games mechanics in street fighter, GG, etc.

    One thing that surprises me is how JB hi-fi and eb don't stock 8bitdo. I think eb use to. Seems like a missed opportunity for JB though. The games reps didn't even know who they were.

    I'll probably sink a bit into No Man's Sky. I was scathing of the game at launch and still firmly believe it deserved all of the criticism. But I've been trying it out this week since the patch and while it's still far from perfect and the main game loop is still quite tedious, it's improved a lot and seems to be worth some time spent on it.

      Its going to depend on what you didnt like about the original. If it was the grindy, repetitive nature at launch, thats still there. Its just better hidden.

      If it was the missing features, most of, if not all, the features people complained about are now there. Personally, I thought most of them were there at the start anyway, just not the way people assumed they would. Thats just me though. They've definitely been added to and reflect what people wanted now though.

      I havent played Beyond yet (maybe this weekend myself actually), but theres been a solid experience for the last few updates so I hope you enjoy it.

        I have the advantage of coming in from a launch experience straight to Beyond, so the differences are,I suspect, more starkly visible this way. It is a shame that the grind and repetition hasn't really been mitigated as much as I want, but it's at least a bit less "what's the point" any more.

          All the previous updates have added to the game really well, so you might be surprised how much has changed. The quests and missions justify the repetition, which frankly every game does. But needing to go deliver something, or kill animals/scan plants gets you currency and reputation. Stuff you need for other quests and missions.

          Basically, its more of a proper game at this point and not just an exploration sim. Expect to start all over by the way, you may find that original save isnt worth continuing with.

            I've noticed a lot of changes, yeah. I've probably put about 6 hours into it so far this last few days, looking forward to setting up some industrial bases soon.

    Yet more Three Houses! Although now I’ve got FFXIV reactivated I might end up doing some of that instead.

    I’m trying to get into AC odyssey. I’m 7 hours in enjoying it a bit but finding the story pretty lacklustre. Also just downloaded Life is strange 2 ep 4 looking forward to playing that.

    Will knock over LA Noire remastered.
    Can't get that "sleuth jazz" ear worm out of my head, the one played when driving between locations while on a case. So slinky...

    For a laugh I'm playing Destiny 2 on Xbox again (having migrated to PC two years ago). It's Cross save time and Crucible with old team mates, where I will wiped clean no doubt!

    Will be restarting No Mans Sky (my main quest has indeed soft-locked 10 hours in and won't let me restart it, which is annoying as the story nowadays is pretty compelling). Also gonna be playing some Destiny 2 on PC and PS4 to finish off my last Solstice set.

    I resubbed to World of Warcraft the other day in order to play some Classic WoW when it drops next week so I'll be playing some regular WoW while waiting for that.

    Just hit my first speed hump in FFVII on the Switch so might turn my attention elsewhere this weekend - maybe some more Lego Horizon or Outer Wilds. I just bought No Man's Sky after the recent positive press but I might wait until I have a clear few days before firing it up.

      If you make sure your expectations going in are 'it's gonna be grindy', then it's a pretty fun game.

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