What Game Do You Love, But Can't Seem To Finish?

Will The Phantom Thieves ever steal all the hearts? Will I ever eat curry again with the best boy, and starving artist, Yusuke? When can I expect it to stop being November in Persona 5? When I pick up the controller and finish the game, you say? Oh. OK.

You know how, sometimes, you really like a game but for whatever reason you just haven’t finished it yet? And it’s been years since you’re in this predicament? This is me with Persona 5.

When the game released back in spring of 2017 on PlayStation 4, I immediately fired it up. I was enthralled by the characters and the weird stories that seemed all too real. I puzzled over who to date (and eventually decided I didn’t need to form romantic bonds with anyone). I was really enjoying my time with it. When I got to the eleventh calendar month in the game, I stopped playing. I don’t even really know why, and it’s been over two years at this point!

I heard the ending isn’t so good, but that’s not it. I’d like to make that determination for myself. Life just sort of got in the way, I guess. As always, new games arrived and tore my attention away, too. It doesn’t help that Persona 5 is a huge JRPG undertaking and it’s been hard trying to find my footing after so much time apart. I’ve tried to return to it. I don’t remember too much of the details in terms of which persona set up I had or the game mechanics. Or my calendar planning… it’s a mess. I’m sure if I just take a few moments to figure it all out, it’d be fine.

With Persona 5 Royal on its way in 2020 and its addition of a new Phantom Thief, I was thinking about getting the re-release and just starting afresh. Maybe...

Let’s hear from you, Kotaku Readers: What game do you really love, but have never finished? Is there a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance sitting in your backlog, still? Don’t even worry about it! This is a judgment free zone. Let’s chat!


    When Makato came into the game all gung ho like "I AM LEADER WE GO OVER HERE NOW", that's when the game went back on the shelf. I was like heeeeelllll no some chick coming in after multiple missions to claim the band of thieves as her own.

    I think in terms of AAA games it would be XCom 2... every so often I'll go back, realise I have nfi what I'm doing, restart from scratch, play a few days and abandon it

    I have dozens of titles in steam that has sub 10 hrs (thanks humble bundle)

    Heaps of older games.

    Tales of Symphonia on the Gamecube. Got it on launch day, attempted to finish it multiple times as I love the Tales games, but I always stop at some point and end up having to restart because I've simply forgotten what I've done up until that point. Been through that cycle a number of times through the years with that game.

    Pikmin 2 on the Gamecube, final cave and all that but just never finished the final boss.

    Also an older one, Jet Force Gemini on the N64. I got all the way up to the final boss but never finished it because I couldn't beat it as a kid. Maybe one day!

    Breath of the Wild.

    I just don't want it to end.

    Breath of the Wild & The Witcher 3.

    Love ‘me but can’t finish them.

    It'd be easier to say which ones I HAVE finished. The norm for me is if I love a game, not to finish it. Because then it's not 'over', see?

    Most games I play! I don't have the time or attention span these days for long games, so I just put 2-3 hours in and sample things (Games Pass is GREAT for this). The only game I think I'll finish is Ape Out which I started yesterday and it seems to be super short (but AMAZING). I recently gave up on Wolfenstein 2 after about 4 hours and dying on a save point and every time it loaded I instantly died, I got the shits and uninstalled it. Gave Bayonetta about 3 hours and got bored (which is weird as Nier: Automata I put 25 hours into and loved it). Currently got DmC5 and Outer Wilds installed and while both looked right up my street, I can't see myself seeing them through unless they are truly AMAZING and hook me.

    Bravely Default.

    I got up to the part where it begins to repeat on itself and you have to go and redo a bunch of bosses over and over and I couldn't bring myself to keep playing. It was a shame because I was legitimately loving my time with the game up until that point, but I felt so frustrated because I felt like my time was being deliberately wasted that it turned me off completely. It's one of the games in my pile of shame that I can't even kid myself about eventually going back to finish.

    Half-Life2 it triggers my simulator sickness and I want to throw up and/or fall over if I play for more than 20 minutes.

    Which reminds me, I should put in another 20 minutes on it...

    It was fallout4. I hadn't built all my settlements the way I wanted, I still had a heap of side quests. I put off finishing it for a while. And once I did, I haven't touched it since.

    Like... all of them.

    Other life stuffs get in the way, and then something new and shiny gets released and then... *sigh*

    The Witcher 3.
    For some reason I've started the game more than 3 times and every single time i get into it heaps then i just lose interest, I have no idea why.

    I love the the previous games but i just can't work up the enthusiasm to play it feels way too slow.

    Fallout 4. I have 250+ hours logged in and still haven't finished the campaign or any of the DLC. The settlement building alone has kept me busy.

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