What PS3 Games Would You Replay?

what ps3 games would you replay

The current console generation is on its way out, so it's a little surprising and refreshing to hear someone talk about not what they'd play on their PS4, or what PS4 games they'd play on the PS5, but the era before that.

I'm talking about the PS3, the gargantuan charcoal black behemoth that still ranks as one of the most fascinating consoles ever released. It still has one of the most remarkable game libraries if you think about all the collaborations and hits that dropped, particularly towards the end of its life — Portal 2, The Last of Us, Uncharted 2 — and many, many games that are still well worth playing today.

So if someone was going to fire up the PS3 for fun over the weekend, what would you recommend they play?

This is a question that's cropped up this morning following a chat with a colleague. They'd dusted off the old console recently and, because things have lined up that way, are planning to spend a bit of time with it over the weekend. How much time gets invested is probably proportional to whatever they end up playing, but it's still an interesting thought experiment.

What would you give to someone if they were taking a step back in time to the previous generation?

Metal Gear Solid 4 and Uncharted 2 are two games that always hold up well, and I'm still a big fan of Wipeout HD no matter the circumstances. Persona 5 is excellent, but that's a higher barrier to entry and an enormous time commitment, so something like The Last of Us and Journey are probably better choices. And if you're dealing with a bigger crowd, or people who aren't huge gamers (but have a console lying around because it was a cheap DVD player back in the day), something like Heavy Rain can be a lot of fun.

What PS3 games would you go back and replay, and if someone asked you for recommendations on the PS3, what would you suggest?


    PS4 is sadly missing some good mech action, so the armoured core games (eg AC5).

      Thats an odd way of saying AC4A

        Would be if I meant AC4A?

          Pretty sure you did, I mean you said good mech action :P

            Ha! A widely held view ????. I just want new one!!

              I think they should just give up on the forced multiplayer, 5 and Verdict Day were really obnoxious.

    Most of the essential PS3 games got PS4 ports thankfully.

    That being said, Gran Turismo 6 is still a better game than GT Sport IMO. And a few God of Wars also didn't make the jump to the PS4.

    Killzone (+ sequels) and Resistance were solid shooters that I quite enjoyed. Drakengard & Nier are also worth calling out.

    Resistance: Fall of Man

    Infamous 1 & 2 (I would like them on PS4)
    Metal gear Solid 4 & the Collection pack
    Red Dead Redemption 1

    Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 fo sho!

    Instant thought would be the Agarest War games, maybe Cross X Edge. Mainly because I had the uncensored US releases rather than the censored PAL versions that ended up on PC.

    Other than that no burning urges since I’d been replaying the Arkham series on PS3.

    Immediate first thought: AC4 - Black Flag. The best entry in the franchise. But... it's also on the PS4 and you can and should probably be playing that regularly every few months anyway.

    It's tough to think of things that didn't already get a remaster for PS4.

    Army of Two series was surprisingly fun. Same Asura's Wrath.
    Child of Eden never went to PS4, surprisingly... Condemned 2 was pretty enjoyable, too.
    Dark Sector (especially for Warframe fans). Dark Void. Deus Ex (Human Revolution). Dragon Age 1-2, for sure.
    Enslaved. Eternal Sonata.
    Far Cry 2 & GTA 4 would take up WEEKS of play. (Why haven't those two been remastered?!)
    Guitar Hero's various oldschool titles before the series got FUCKED are probably best on PS3.
    Haze and Heavenly Sword would be good for a few hours launch-title nostalgia.
    Oh! Infamous 1-2! Yeah... Climb those buildings, zap those boxes.
    Kane & Lynch got lambasted but I felt they were underrated for what they were and I'd cheerfully revisit those if restricted to a PS3. Much better than the Killzone series which I would NOT recommend.
    Kingdoms of Amalur. (PS4 remaster when? I would buy...)
    Lollipop Chainsaw. Yeah, you heard me.
    Mafia 2 was pretty good, and never got to PS4 either. Max Payne 3 even better.
    Mirror's Edge (actually better here than the sequel, IMO).
    Ni no Kuni probably doesn't count since it's getting a PS4 remaster next month.
    Overlord 1-2 is about as good a Pikmin game as the PS3 gets.
    Painkiller I'm surprised hasn't had a PS4 refresh.

      Oh! Plants vs Zombies. The original. The good one. Before all the multiplayer/mictrotransaction-infected bullshit spin-offs/fake sequels.
      I wanna say Prototype 1, but that's a) on PS4, and b) does not hold up.
      Red Dead Redemption, of course.
      Remember Me is a surprising one to see on the PS3. Big leap between early titles and later ones on this platform.
      Risen 2 is worth it.
      Saboteur! This can be on PC, why can't it be on PS4?! Get to it, EA!
      Saints Row 2-3 would easily fill up your alloted PS3 time, but oh man, the cringe...
      Star Wars: Force Unleashed 1-2 would be worth a replay. I'm actually kinda surprised they didn't get redone. Mustn't have sold well enough?
      Terminator Salvation I know probably copped a lot of shit, but I really enjoyed its not-at-all-innovative shooting as the video game equivalent of a big mac.
      I actually REALLY ENJOYED Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X on PS3, so yeah... that one. Not the sequel.
      Warhammer 40k: Space Marine is another good old popcorn brawl/shoot adventure worth having.
      White Knight Chronicles was more fascinating than it was good, so that's worth a shot.

      Yeah, now that I look at the titles above, there's actually a decent bit of stuff worth replaying on the PS3 that didn't get converted to PS4 remasters. Long live the old console!

      Nowait, the other thing... remaster that shit I listed. I wannit.

    I'm surprised nobody has said Demon's Souls - the progenitor of the soulsbournes, and severely underrated in my opinion. Why there's been no PS4 or PC release is beyond me.

    I did see that the PS3 emulator is now able to play it at 60FPS and higher resolutions than the PS3, which is very tempting. Has anyone had success backing up PS3 games?

      Honestly I just forgot about it. Annoyed that it hasn't had a port.

      Sony owns the Demon's Souls and Bloodborne IP so it's unlikely they will ever see a PC release. Bandai Namco owns the Dark Souls IP though which is why they had PC releases. As for a PS4 remaster, well, we got Bloodborne instead would be my guess.

    Drakengard 3
    Asura's Wrath
    Any Yakuza game
    El Shaddai

    Lollipop Chainsaw (Honestly forgotten about this until I saw transientmind's comment above)
    Metal Gear Solid 4
    Mirror's Edge
    Saints Row 2
    Saints Row The Third

    If any of these got PS4 re-releases, I would probably buy them in an instant (provided the wallet holds up)

    I still have mine hooked up to a G25 racing wheel with Sega Rally in it permanently. The Resistance games were good, but all my favs have been ported to PS4(Uncharted/Last of Us)

    It would somewhat of a dick move to recommend Last of Us, Persona 5 or any Uncharted games given that they are also available in better version on the PS4.

    Mass Effect is one that comes to mind for never having been ported.

    I recently have been rebuilding my old PS3 game collection after working out how lackluster the PS4 game collection has become. The main thing that started the rebuild was going back to the old WWE wrestling games and playing those. Then it was Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Devil May Cry, etc. Next thing I know I'm playing stuff I had long forgotten about and having a blast.

    Even though I need to play the first one on Xbox, I replayed the whole Saints Row series. Great to see how the series changed from GTA Lite to a parody of the GTA genre and beyond.

    Harvest Moon

    The PS3 Ratchet and Clank games. They were the main reason I wanted a PS3 originally. Also the PS3 versions of the original 3 games, which I enjoyed more than the PS4 remake.

    Fallout New Vegas for sure. Dying to play it again but my PS3 40gig bricked itself. PS4s were out so I upgraded but I Never got to finish the expansions.
    Fallout 4 was nowhere near as entertaining. Won't bother with 76.

    Mafia 2 mmm yeah. GoW2. Far Cry 2. Was Battlefield Vietnam or Medal of Honour on PS3?

    A Motorstorm collection like WipeOut's, featuring the original Monument Valley, Pacific Rift, Arctic Edge (actually a PS2 & PSP release) and Apocalypse.

    Ghostbusters. Its the last time you got to hear the original cast take on their roles together.

    MGS4, Yakuza 3,4 & 5, Demon Souls & Killzone 2 & 3.

    Last edited 16/08/19 10:01 am

    Motorstorm 1 + 2
    Gran Turismo 6
    Red Dead Redemption
    Ratchet and Clank TOD
    Uncharted Drakes Fortune

    Spec Ops the Line! Recently went back to get the platinum but man did I love that game. And Catherine but that will be fixed sooooooooon

      Spec ops the line FUBAR difficulty is frustrating as. I’m stuck at chapter 9 going for the plat.
      Demon Souls is a classic.

    Resistance 1 & 2

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