Win Games And $7500 Worth In Other Prizes By Taking Our Reader Survey

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Everyone loves winning and we want to give you the chance to win too. This time, you could be in the running to grab yourself something from a prize pool worth about $7500 in total, including one of 10 digital codes for Devolver Digital's Observation.

Update: The survey ends tomorrow, so if you haven't entered now's the last chance. Thanks to everyone who has already contributed — your time and insight, as always, is deeply appreciated and will be of immense help. — Alex

Yes, there's a little catch. You just need to take our short survey about all the things that interest you to be in the running to win a next-level prize.

On offer is a three-hour luxury catamaran cruise in Sydney for you and 24 mates, a $2K voucher for The Daily Edited, an Epson portable laser projector for home movie time or one of 10 digital codes for the adventure game, Observation.

It's basically a win-win for everyone. Click here to enter the competition.

Check out the terms and conditions here.

In Observation, You Play A Computer That Might Be Losing Its Damn Mind

In most science fiction stories, artificial intelligence is bad news. With the familiar beats of Greek tragedy, AI is almost always destined to bring ruin to those with the hubris to create it. So how would it feel if you were the AI, and it was your job to keep a human safe—even while something in your programming is telling you not to?

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    I don’t want to be that guy... but your terms and conditions say in point 11 that the winner isn’t random (and you also have 2 point 11’s)
    Actuallly totally wanted to point it out!

      Actually, there's not "a little catch", there's quite a big one, and it's misleading to imply that the only thing you need to do is "take our short survey ... to be in the running to win a next-level prize".

      In fact, this is one of those stupid '50 words or less' style response competitions in which "chance plays no part in determining the winner" and where "all entries will be judged individually on their merits based on the Judging Criteria", specifically "originality, creativity, humour and entertainment level".

      So... I have to come up with something witty and amusing to win, which I most certainly am not at all inspired to do at the moment, and particularly not for a tiny chance of winning something, so... no thanks, but I think I'll sit this one out.

        Yep it’s not a good competition format if they want to maximize their survey responses but meh their call..

        Making it a game of skill is just to get around having to obtain permits in every state that requires one to run a game of chance (considered a lottery).

        I'm sure even if you write something lousy your chance of winning will be just as good.

          Yeah, the 25/50 words or less is a requirement mandated by state liquor/gambling authorities. You have to take out a paid permit and jump through a whole other bunch of hoops otherwise, because it's then determined as "a game of chance" and you're treated like you're running online pokies.

    Travel needs a "I don't travel" option

    I’ll take your survey. Only because I have nothing better to do. : (

    Current employment status needs a 'Retired' option. Retirees dont have a job, just an income source, but they really arent unemployed either.

      That's a good point! I'll pass the feedback on.

        I ended up just putting self employed down. Seemed the best middle ground.

        I went with umemployed because I'm on a carer's pension. It's kind of a full time job though

    Can I just get 7.5k in cash instead of the 3 hour catamaran cruise?

      Straight up cash prizes have a whole different set of regulations in NSW although it's dependent on how much is being given away AFAIK. Been a bit since I've looked into it.

      I mean, who has 24 friends?

        It would just have to be a romantic cruise for me and the wife...but I live in Melbourne, so just give me the projector. Projector would be great to have when 24 friends come over to watch the footy...but I don't have 24 friends and I don't like footy.

        Friends seem like hard work!

        If you win you could throw it open to 24 other Kotaku readers. Meet up!

        It'd cost me and my friends more to GET to Sydney combined than the prize is worth. :P

    glad i read the comments. pass.

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